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How to convert a torrent file into a direct download link for maximum download speeds ?

I recently came across a post where a guy was trying to download a game via torrent but wasn’t able to do so because his torrent didn’t have any seeds. In the comment section of that post one user suggested to convert his torrent to a direct download link as it will let him download the file and offer better speeds at the same time as ISP’s tend to throttle P2P connections. However, he didn’t explain how to do it, he simply asked him to dm the torrent file and said that he would dm him back with the DDL link. In the end he also mentioned something about not using torrent clients but using debrid services instead. I am really fascinated by this stuff and want to learn more about it but couldn’t find anything on it using google hence I am turning to this sub.

Direct Torrents screenshot

Torrent cloud download service Direct Torrents has stopped operations.
The sites owner did not published an official statement about the site’s shutdown.

Direct Torrents Alternatives

A list of torrent download sites similar to Direct Torrents that focus on converting torrent files and magnet links to direct download links:

  • Seedr
    (download torrrents to the cloud, stream and organize torrents)
  • Cloud Torrent
    (self-hosted torrent client for downloading torrents remotely)
  • ZbigZ
    (download torrents directly from the cloud, add downloads to a download manager)
  • Boxopus
    (convert torrents to direct downloads and download from cloud servers)
  • Quick Torrent
    (torrent to direct download converter)
  • PutDrive
    (download torrents directly to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage providers)
  • Offcloud
    (torrent to cloud downloader) torrent page

Direct Torrents is a torrent download service loading torrent to it’s seedbox and serving a direct download link to the user. After submitting a torrent URL or magnet link the download task will be processed. The latest torrents are added to a waiting list. It may takes some minutes before the conversion starts.

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  • Q1 Can I download and transfer files for free to test it out?
  • Q2 Can I download multiple files from a website?
  • Q3 File takes too long to download, or seems to be stuck.
  • Q4 I have a lot of files that are very big, will they download?
  • Q5 I want to download an even bigger file! And I want more concurrent downloads!

Yes! Just register and validate your email, and then you can download the files to a free 1 GB space.

You can then transfer them to your personal cloud space automatically.

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