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Noun Quotes–> Extra Examples–> The storm turned the stream into a raging torrent. The rain came down in torrents.


Beneath the area’s dense canopy of vegetation, rugged hills and valleys are bisected by streams that rage as torrents during the rainy season, forbidding terrain for any unwelcome stranger. — Anthony Loyd

… the vast network of storm-water drains that move great torrents of water out of the city when it rains … — Duncan Murrell

As church bells pealed yesterday, a torrent of water was unleashed through a manmade gap in the 162-year-old Edwards Dam in the first U.S. government-ordered demolition of a dam in the name of conservation. — Glen Adams

: a heavy downpour of rain
… a torrent of rain poured down. — Walter Farley
— usually used in plural
The rain is coming down in torrents . Lightning is flashing. — Alice Walker
Torrents of rain drenched the Hamptons … — Chris Mundy
: a tumultuous outpouring : rush

Injuries, a 13-game losing streak and a torrent of criticism have turned this into the toughest season of Vince Carter’s four-year career. — Ian Thomsen

The torrent of money flowing into the field can only be described in superlatives—hundreds of millions of dollars for efforts such as Princeton’s Center for the Study of Brain, Mind, and Behavior and MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research. — Charles Barber

— often used in plural
… torrents of unsolicited e-mail advertising … — Peter H. Lewis
… once he becomes fixed on a subject, the words come in torrents . — Jeffrey Goldberg
: a channel of a mountain stream

As we advanced up the valley, the road presented yet another vertiginous challenge. Being a single track carved out of the mountain wall that flanked a glacial torrent , it meant that when a car came from the opposite direction, one had to back to the nearest turnaround. — June P. Wilson

computing : a protocol (see protocol sense 3b ) that is used to distribute a large computer file (such as of digitized music or video) that has been segmented in small pieces between a large number of peer-to-peer users

… user behaviour, such as use of file-sharing services and protocols like torrent … — Shelley Boose

Over the weekend, several ISPs … began showing a warning to users when they visited certain torrent or other file-sharing websites. — Rajat Agrawal

also : a file or set of files that is transferred with this protocol

Let me just share the best way I know how to download torrents without setting off any red flags. — Daniel Bulygin

Torrent files have been a top choice of users across the internet to share files for almost two decades. — Ivan Mehta –>


torrented ; torrenting ; torrents
intransitive : to move in a torrent (see torrent entry 1 sense 1a )
rivers of torrenting water
Water torrents off hillsides, thunders over falls, sparkles in ponds and pools. — Sunset
transitive + intransitive : to download via a torrent (see torrent entry 1 sense 4 )

Torrenting itself isn’t illegal, but downloading unsanctioned copyrighted material is. It’s not always immediately apparent which content is legal to torrent and which isn’t. — Paul Bischoff

[Dan] Schlosser said that when he was caught torrenting , the University forwarded him a notice of copyright infringement from HBO and warned that if he were caught again, he would have to meet with a representative from the Office of Judicial Affairs. — Aaron Fisher –>


: torrential –>


Examples of torrent in a Sentence

Noun Quotes–> Extra Examples–> The storm turned the stream into a raging torrent. The rain came down in torrents.

Recent Examples on the Web

At least 11,300 are now believed to have died after torrents of water ripped through eastern Libya — a devastating toll that could largely have been avoided, global officials said Thursday. — Patrick Smith, NBC News, 14 Sep. 2023 Raging torrents of water tore through two dams in Derna, the city affected most acutely, sweeping entire buildings into the sea. — Louisa Loveluck, Washington Post, 12 Sep. 2023 Footage shared on social media showed submerged cars, collapsed buildings and torrents of water rushing through streets. — Hamdi Alkhshali, CNN, 11 Sep. 2023 Americans are developing a distorted view of the proper role of the U.S. Supreme Court, thanks to an ongoing torrent of criticism from the press, politicians, and activist groups. — William C. Duncan, National Review, 5 Sep. 2023 Fortunately, the torrent of hype and hope surrounding each player means each draft shares an amazing similarity in who goes where. — David Dorey, USA TODAY, 23 Aug. 2023 The DeSantis campaign sought to clarify the comments amid a torrent of criticism, with spokesman Bryan Griffin suggesting the governor was talking specifically about Trump and some of his endorsers in Congress, not other followers. — Maeve Reston, Hannah Knowles and Dylan Wells, Anchorage Daily News, 21 Aug. 2023 But the panel later reversed course after the proposal drew a torrent of criticism, including from the American Civil Liberties Union. — Libor Jany, Los Angeles Times, 3 Sep. 2023 Sirens that could have alerted the community to the danger never sounded, triggering a torrent of criticism against Maui’s emergency management chief, who resigned nine days after the fire. — Elahe Izadi, Washington Post, 2 Sep. 2023

During his torrent week for Norfolk, Stowers hit three homers in one game and knocked in 10 RBIs. — Andy Kostka, Baltimore Sun, 28 May 2022 See More

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Word History

borrowed from French & Latin; French, “violent stream of liquid,” going back to Old French, borrowed from Latin torrent-, torrens “rushing stream, river current,” noun derivative of torrens, adjective, “flowing headlong, rushing,” probably going back to a participial derivative of an Indo-European stative present *tr̥s-eh1 “be dried out, be dessicated,” from a verbal base *ters- “dry up, become thirsty” — more at thirst entry 1

Note: According to the hypothesis suggested in the etymology, the original meaning of the noun torrens would have been “dessicated area, dry stream bed”; as such stream beds, particularly in Mediterranean climates, could be filled with fast-flowing water during rainy periods, the meaning shifted to “rushing stream.” Hence the homonymy between torrens and the present participle of the causative verb torrēre “to heat so as to dry, scorch, parch” (from *tors-see torrid) would be fortuitous. Such a shift was already hypothesized by the Roman grammarian Sextus Pompeius Festus.

verbal derivative of torrent entry 1

borrowed from Latin torrent-, torrens “flowing headlong, rushing” — more at torrent entry 1

First Known Use

1608, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

1858, in the meaning defined at sense 1

1667, in the meaning defined above

Torrent it

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