Where does my ip address say i am

What country am I in? Find out your exact location

Here is how you can quickly configure a Squid proxy server on a cheap cloud instance to access blocked websites, using minimal server and Linux knowledge.

IP Location

This free online tool allows you to see the geographical location of any IP address. Just input the IP address and you will be shown the position on a map, coordinates, country, region, city and organization.

Your IP address (change)
Latitude 60.1797
Longitude 24.9344
Country Finland
Region Uusimaa
City Helsinki
Organization Hetzner Online

Please visit our IP Calculator for IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol address is a series of numbers that identify a computer on a network. It is represented by four groups of up to three numbers, with each group separated by a period. For example, the default private IP address for many routers is

What does a public IP address tell you?

If a computer is connected to the internet, it has a public IP address. This address is just like a home address: it gives information about where that computer is located. Additionally, it also gives information about who controls that IP address, which in most cases will be an internet service provider (ISP) such as Comcast, Verizon, Frontier, etc.

How can I find my public IP address?

There are numerous ways to find your public IP address. The easiest way is right on this page. In the search bar at the top of our site, your public IP address is already pre-filled in. If you don’t see it, just refresh the page.

What else can I use this tool for?

If you have a public IP address that’s not connected to the system you’re using right now, you can check its location. Just key in the address in the search bar above. This is useful if you want to check the approximate location of another connected system, such as a smartphone or even an internet-connected car.

You can also use this tool if you are using a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN masks your public IP address, making it seem like your system is located in a different place. If you check this tool and it shows a different IP address from what your ISP provides, that means your VPN is working correctly.

Private IP Addresses

Public IP addresses identify your modem on the internet. However, your router has its own set of private IP addresses it distributes to the devices connected to the internet in your home. These addresses are not unique and entering them here won’t give you any information.

Generally, IP addresses that look like 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x, and 192.168.x.x are private addresses. These identify your various devices to your router, not the internet at large. If you can’t get our tool to work, make sure you are entering a public IP address, not a private one.

What country am I in? Find out your exact location

What is my timezone

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008, for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

My country flag


Your country is a beautiful place, full of amazing people. You, and I belong to the same human race, and are capable of wonderful things. Cherish the achievements of mankind, and let us all work on making the world a better place.

Your operating system is Windows 8

My operating system

Windows 8

Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft

Your city is Helsinki

What is my city


Your city can be estimated from your IP address that is sent with each web request. In case your city cannot be identified, a fictional city will be displayed instead.

What is my timezone

What is my zip code


We use your location to estimate the post code as accurately as possible. If not entirely accurate, the zip code will be the closest to your city or district.

Your local time

What is my local time

The current time is calculated from your system clock. In case it is incorrect, please adjust your clock and use NTP to automatically sync with the rest of the world.

What is my timezone

What is my time zone


Your timezone is determined by your exact location and is given as a string, such as “America/New_York”. It is accurate even for countries with multiple zones.

What is my IP

What is my IP

Your IP address is transmitted along with requests to any website. If you are concerned about privacy, you can use a VPN or anonymizer proxies to hide this information.

Your coordinates

My coordinates

60.17970°, 24.93440°

Your coordinates can be estimated from your IP address. More accurate information on your whereabouts can be obtained by specifically requesting your location.

What is my language

What is my language


Your language is set by your operating system and announced by your browser. It can be used to determine which language to display on a multi-language website.

Pictures of Finland

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Features of this website

What is my Country is a tool to find out which country you are currently in, based on your network information. Details such as your country, city, browser, and operating system can be gathered from your IP address.


Information sent as part of web requests to any website can be intercepted and used to reveal information about yourself, potentially becoming a security threat. We recommend only visiting trusted websites protected by SSL encryption.


Your country, location, browser, and other info are revealed to every website you visit, even ones using encryption. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a web proxy to hide this. Browsers such as TOR also provides this protection.


On the plus side, this knowledge can be valuable if you are running a website. You can see people from which countries are visiting your website, what language they speak, and what browser, operating system, or device they are using.

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About us

Ever woke up one day, logged in to your VPN or web proxy, and wondered what country the websites you visit think you are from? We know what that feels like, and so we have setup this website to tell you exactly which country you are in, along with other information about yourself.

The above information is gathered with the help of HTTP headers that your browser uses to connect to any website. Your IP address is guessed from these headers and then the GeoIP database is used to determine your coordinates, city and country.

The Technicals

If you are behind a proxy, the “HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR” header is used to obtain the IP address while any IPs belonging to private classes (e.g. 10.* or 192.168.*) are ignored. In the latter case, the IP displayed is that of your proxy or routing device.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported.

Country IP Database

Country and IP address database last updated on July 30th, 2023

Protect Yourself Online

In case you prefer not to disclose your location, or any other information about yourself, you can use a proxy or a virtual private network (VPN) that hides this information.

We highly recommend NordVPN which protects your privacy, allows you to open sites that may otherwise be inaccessible from your location, and makes this possible without compromising on speed.