What Is VPN Router and Why You Need It

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VPN Router

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What Does VPN Router Mean?

A VPN router is a type of routing device that is designed specifically to enable network communications within a VPN environment.


It primarily enables connecting and communicating between multiple VPN end devices, usually present in separate locations.

Techopedia Explains VPN Router

As with a standard router, a VPN router enables the core packet routing and network communication services within VPN. It provides the ability to share and provide connectivity of the VPN service to different end devices.

Some VPN routers are portable and can be installed and configured anywhere that has an Internet connection. Users can connect to it using a wireless network or through wired LAN or serial interfaces. A VPN router utilizes one or more networking/tunneling protocols to create and manage communications within VPN tunnels.


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What Is VPN Router and Why You Need It?

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It’s probably fair enough for a start-up company to use consumer-grade, regular network router. But as your business expands, the network must evolve in parallel to meet the escalating requirements – for example you may need to connect more than a handful of remote devices to the company’s network. Then this is exactly the right time to upgrade and import a VPN Gigabit router to deliver more robust, efficient and secure performance. So what is VPN router? How does it differ from standard VPN client applications? And how does VPN router benefit us? We will shed some lights on these issues.

What Is VPN Router and VPN?

VPNs (virtual private networks) works to encrypt, or secure your internet connection. A VPN creates a hidden tunnel within a public or unprotected network that protects all of your internet activity – by changing your real IP address into an anonymous one. We’re reaping great benefits from using VPN, like getting around region restrictions, getting protected from ISP snooping, bypassing censorship and access region-restricted websites, among other charming features.

what is vpn router

VPN router can be seen as a normal Gigabit router that has VPN client software installed on it. Every device that connects to the VPN router is therefore protected by VPN. While a VPN connection can encrypt an individual device, a VPN network router protects multiple devices (computers, tablets, smartphones and etc) at once. VPN router also offers the convenience to encrypt all of your devices from one source, on one connection. It fits perfectly for families or households with a variety of internet-based devices. Using a VPN router will ensure your privacy and security with complete ease.

Why Do I Need a VPN Router?

VPN router can ensure all of your devices to be safe and secure, and it also boosts some advantages in saving your time and money. VPN Ethernet router generally provides you with the following benefits.

how vpn router works

Protect Multiple Devices at Once: a VPN router allows you to protect all of your electronic devices from at the source – it’s safe, convenient, and easy to do with a VPN router.

Extreme Convenience: With a VPN router, you don’t have to set up a VPN software on every single device – just set up the VPN on the router and you can get it up and running, and any device connected to the VPN router can use VPN services.

Superior Compatibility: VPN router can deliver VPN service to any Wi-Fi enabled device – computers, phones, pads, smart TVs… Any device that has Wi-Fi can connect to your VPN router and share on VPN access.

Completely automated: VPN router will always connect to the Internet through VPN service. No need to connect to the VPN client on all your devices every time. Which frees you from worrying about forgetting to connect to the VPN.

Secure Non-native Devices: VPN routers secure non-native devices that aren’t normally supported for VPN use, such as Apple TV, PlayStation 3, and many more.

Unblock application and content: Located in a country that blocks certain application or contents? A VPN router enables you to bypass the restrictions and connect to the Internet via encrypted VPN tunnel through another country entirely.

How to Get the Right VPN Router?

For households and businesses alike, the obvious advantages like improved security & reliability, ease of use and cost-saving makes the shift to a VPN Internet router a wise decision. So how to buy VPN router while avoiding misleading claims and hidden chargers? FS.com newly developed VPN routers for home and business are designed with the most reliable, high quality hardware and sophisticated routing features. The specification of the Gigabit VPN router is listed as follow.