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  • including 1 year PremiumPlus VPN
  • Encrypted internet with 256 bit
  • Stream 4k Ultra HD Videos
  • Download speeds up to 50 Mbit/sec possible with Wireguard
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Servers in 40 countries

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Best VPN Router – IPVanish

Extend your VPN connection across your entire household or small business, and secure every device connected to your network with our VPN router.

What is a VPN Router?

A VPN router is a Wi-Fi router that has been configured for use with a VPN service. When you use a VPN router, it encrypts all traffic your network will be re-routes it through a VPN server. This process protects the privacy of all your network devices. It also affords you greater control over your router IP address. Rather than using an IP assigned by your ISP, your IP address will match the VPN server of your choosing.

Many routers support VPN configurations, and can be manually configured for IPVanish VPN. But you can also purchase routers with IPVanish VPN pre-installed. These out-of-box solutions will encrypt your entire network immediately upon setup, with no additional configuration required to experience this advanced router feature.

Why Should You Use a VPN Router?

A VPN router provides crucial benefits for multiple use cases:

Data protection for your entire household

With more and more household devices coming online, the risk of data exploits and threats grows stronger. With a VPN router, however, you can ensure that each and every device is secured with encryption, from smart TVs and streaming devices to smart appliances and gaming consoles.

Secure your small business

Data security is essential for small businesses, as any breaches can range from costly to catastrophic. With a VPN router, you’ll be able to create a secure network environment for your business and ensure all online activity remains protected. Keep your employee and business data secure with one device.

Dual router setup

While it’s recommended that you use a VPN connection as often as possible, there may be situations where you prefer to turn your VPN off. For these instances, you can have a traditional router setup alongside a VPN router so you can switch between the two seamlessly. You can also set up one of these routers with parental controls for a truly customized household internet experience.

No privacy lapses

With a VPN router, you’ll ensure that your online data is always protected regardless of the device you’re using. As long as you’re connected to your VPN router’s network, you can seamlessly switch between devices with the peace of mind that your encrypted connection is always active.

IPVanish Router VPN Benefits and Features

When you use a router configured with the IPVanish VPN service, all your connected devices will experience the benefits of VPN software, including:

Device Security

Encrypt every appliance, smart TV, gaming console, and any other device connected to your Wi-Fi network. With a VPN router, IPVanish allows you to protect operating systems and devices that aren’t traditionally compatible with VPN software.

Uninterrupted Privacy

With just one IPVanish account, you can protect the personal data and traffic of everyone in your household or small business without interruption. Our unmetered connections mean you can establish as many VPN connections as you need to protect your privacy.

No Logs

At IPVanish, your privacy comes first. We never log any of your traffic or connection data when you use our VPN service. But don’t just take our word for it. Our no-logs policy has been independently verified by a team of third-party cyber security experts.

Network Encryption

With IPVanish, your household data is safe from snooping. We protect your internet traffic from end-to-end in real-time so that no hacker, advertiser, or service provider can monitor your activity.

Bypass Censorship

Unfairly imposed internet restrictions are all too common for internet users these days. Make them a thing of the past with secure access to websites and apps from anywhere on the planet.

VPN Locations

Match your visible online location and IP address to your VPN location and experience the increased freedom, privacy, and anonymity you deserve. With over 2,200 servers in more than 75 global locations, you have the world in your hands.

VPN for Everything

Our super fast VPN router provides security for all your devices.

Get more from your existing Windscribe subscription
Save time and effort
Protect more devices
Share your VPN connection
Now with IKEv2 support!
Custom built VPN hardware was 149!
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InvizBox 2 Benefits

InvizBox 2 uses your existing Windscribe subscription with our patented super fast VPN router. No need to install any more VPN software.

Lightning Fast VPN

InvizBox 2 comes with a quad core processor allowing you to reach over 100Mbps total download speed (70 per connection)

Multiple VPN Hotspots

Want your Smart TV connected to the UK but your phone connected to the US? No problem!

VPN Kill Switch

No accidental data leakage. Even if the VPN disconnects, your privacy is secure

Easy to use

Easily configurable on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Parental Controls

Create a separate WiFi hotspot for kids. Set time limits for their devices and block inappropriate sites

Block Ads

Block ad provider domains for all of your devices with nothing to install

InvizBox 2 provides 24/7 security

Total peace of mind for your connected world. Simply connect your smart TV, laptop, phone or any other internet connected device to the InvizBox 2 over WiFi or wired connection. All of your Internet traffic is now encrypted and sent across the VPN network at speed, ensuring total privacy and security.

Packed full of features

  • Use your existing Windscribe VPN account
  • Built for speed! Capable of over 100Mbps VPN at peak
  • Quad core ARM processor
  • 1024MB RAM
  • Dual band WiFi – 2.4G and 5G WiFi
  • Gigabit Ethernet (1 X WAN, 1 X LAN)
  • Multiple hotspots for different VPN endpoints
  • VPN Instance per hotspot to fully utilize the multi-core processor
  • Parental controls for kids
  • Securely connect home with our mobile device, InvizBox Go
  • Flashed in our offices for your security
  • WiFi range of 10-15 meters(30-50 feet)
  • Updates over Tor hidden service
  • 256Bit AES encryption
  • Open source (https://github.com/invizbox)
  • Patent Pending

Super Easy Setup

Simply connect your phone, laptop or other device to any of our products over WiFi and that’s it!

Plug it into your router/modem

Connect any device to the InvizBox 2 secure WiFi

Input your Windscribe credentials and thats it!

Best value

InvizBox 2

Super fast VPN router and online support. Free shipping.

Secure and Open Source

Our team has over 50 years combined experience in cyber security and privacy protection.

Open Source

Allows other security experts to examine our code, ensuring the best security

Full Windscribe support

Pre configured for all Windscribe locations, just input your credentials

No leaks

If the VPN goes down for any reason, InvizBox automatically blocks all your outbound traffic for your security

Auto Updates

Secure, regular and automatic updates – we have already pushed over 20 updates!

Shellfire Box 4K VPN Router

Be safe online. Unblock blocked websites. Works with Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Playstation, Xbox and many more.

A tiny little box, that secures all internet devices at home simultaneously and unblocks blocked websites.

Secures all devices

The Shellfire Box easily connects all your devices, even those that normally are unable to connect to VPN, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick or gaming consoles.

Overcome censorship

Use content otherwise blocked, surf the web securely and access streaming-services unavailable in your location. *

As fast as a high-end router

The Shellfire Box 4K uses the brand-new Wireguard protocol. Stream videos in 4K and download with up to 50 Mbit/sec.

Protect your data.

Shellfire VPN’s strong encryption protects your data from hackers and other spies.

Virtual Location

Use our world-wide network of servers in 40 countries to virtually travel almost anywhere within a matter of seconds.

Plug and Play

Simply connect the box to your router. Automatic configuration and connection make it super-easy to setup. Expert knowledge? Not required!

* We cannot guarantee the availability of specific streaming providers at any time, because we do not cooperate with them. Should there be problems with streaming of any type, we’re always quick to find a solution.

Order your Shellfire Box 4K now

Covered by our 14 days money back guarantee – no questions asked

Box incl. 1 year VPN

  • Special Oktoberfest Promotion – 30% on all products – only valid until 23 September 2023
  • including 1 year PremiumPlus VPN
  • Encrypted internet with 256 bit
  • Stream 4k Ultra HD Videos
  • Download speeds up to 50 Mbit/sec possible with Wireguard
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Servers in 40 countries

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Box incl. 2 years VPN

  • Special Oktoberfest Promotion – 30% on all products – only valid until 23 September 2023
  • including 2 years PremiumPlus VPN
  • Encrypted internet with 256 bit
  • Stream 4k Ultra HD Videos
  • Download speeds up to 50 Mbit/sec possible with Wireguard
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Servers in 40 countries

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