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The following IP addresses had recent IP Reputation checks.


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WHOIS Details

ASHandle: AS2906 OrgID: SS-144 ASName: AS-SSI ASNumber: 2906 RegDate: 2009-09-02 Updated: 2012-08-02 Source: ARIN OrgID: SS-144 OrgName: Netflix Streaming Services Inc. CanAllocate: Street: 1209 Orange Street City: Wilmington State/Prov: DE Country: US PostalCode: 19801 RegDate: 2012-04-20 Updated: 2021-07-21 OrgAbuseHandle: SNO92-ARIN OrgAdminHandle: CDNET-ARIN OrgTechHandle: SNO92-ARIN Source: ARIN POCHandle: CDNET-ARIN IsRole: Y LastName: cdnetops FirstName: Street: 100 Winchester Circle City: Los Gatos State/Prov: CA Country: US PostalCode: 95032 RegDate: 2021-07-21 Updated: 2023-02-03 OfficePhone: +1-408-540-3700 Mailbox: [email protected] Source: ARIN POCHandle: SNO92-ARIN IsRole: Y LastName: Streaming Network Operations FirstName: Street: 100 Winchester Circle City: Los Gatos State/Prov: CA Country: US PostalCode: 95032 RegDate: 2012-04-18 Updated: 2023-04-24 OfficePhone: +1-408-540-3700 Mailbox: [email protected] Source: ARIN

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Hosted Domains

There are 243 domain names hosted across 185 IP addresses on this ASN.

IP Address Domain Domains on this IP rmlallco.com 7 lswlifetimeincome.us 5 allbuy.co.il 4 black-movies.de 4 lsw403b.info 4 rashidshomali.com 4 itdcem.net 3 estudio2grafica.com 3 nettraffic.co.za 3 airportlearningtree.com 3 cybertechnics.com.mx 2 triplea.com.mx 2 apitopo.com.mx 2 flawlessautosalon.com 2 heynonnymouse.com 2 mpdpip.org 2 liuling.net 2 abundanceandgrowthcreator.com 2 wilfriedtetsuschmidt.com 2 creative-ent.net 2 teeoffvideos.com 2 lzca.com 2 reviewphim.vn 2 mybigdilemma.com 2 sre.hn 2 paho-who.hn 2 tudum.it 2 tourism-delhi.in 2 customswim.com 2 i010.ca 2 bestessay.cc 2 maingi.org 2 imranpackages.com 2 fulcrumshare.net 2 kbg.cn 2 funshirts.in 2 dairysa.co.za 2 gzwuguw.com 2 terchel.com 2 discounttextbooks.net 1 ctsglobalhealth.com 1 interfer0n.ru 1 dlmanga.com 1 weberinternetshop.nl 1 therealphaedraparks.com 1 absforwarders.com 1 properties.ind.in 1 gklein.dk 1 etfactaestlux.com 1 devrich.co.uk 1

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There are 489 peers for this ASN.

Peers Name
AS1003 andrewnet
AS1031 Peer 1 Internet Service LLC
AS10578 Harvard University
AS1103 SURF B.V.
AS11039 The George Washington University
AS11164 Internet2
AS1140 Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland
AS11686 Education Networks of America
AS1221 Telstra Corporation Ltd
AS12302 Vodafone Romania S.A.
AS12307 Sandro Bolliger trading as Bolliger Network Solutions
AS12350 VTX Services SA
AS1239 Sprint
AS12552 GlobalConnect AB
AS1257 Tele2 Sverige AB
AS12637 SEEWEB s.r.l.
AS1273 Vodafone Group PLC
AS12735 TurkNet Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.
AS12741 Netia SA
AS12779 IT.Gate S.p.A.
AS12859 BIT BV
AS12969 Syn hf
AS1299 Arelion Sweden AB
AS13004 Serbian Open Exchange DOO
AS13030 Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.
AS13058 serve-u – Buchholz und Suenderhauf GbR
AS131477 Shanghai Huajuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
AS13194 UAB “Bite Lietuva”
AS132337 Axclusive
AS13237 euNetworks GmbH
AS132559 Gatik Business Solutions
AS132847 Network Solutions Group Pty Ltd
AS133210 EN Technologies Pte Ltd
AS133950 Hoopla Hosting Limited
AS134823 Sky Digital Co., Ltd.
AS1351 University of Vermont
AS135895 Centorrino Technologies Pty Ltd
AS136557 Host Universal Pty Ltd
AS137409 GSL Networks Pty LTD
AS13760 Uniti Fiber Holdings Inc.
AS138064 PT. Jinom Network Indonesia
AS14041 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
AS14061 DigitalOcean, LLC
AS140627 OneQode Gaming Carrier
AS14259 Gtd Internet S.A.
AS14537 Continent 8 LLC
AS14630 Invesco Group Services, Inc.
AS14840 BR.Digital Provider
AS148968 Falcore Investments Pty Ltd
AS14907 Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
AS151062 CUBE
AS15280 Host Leasing Corporation
AS15435 DELTA Fiber Nederland B.V.
AS15547 netplus.ch SA
AS15605 Connesi s.p.a.
AS15623 Cyberlink AG
AS15692 Razorblue Ltd
AS15802 Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC
AS15830 Equinix (EMEA) Acquisition Enterprises B.V.
AS16265 LeaseWeb Network B.V.
AS16552 Tiggee LLC
AS17350 Moody’s Corp.
AS17483 CityOnline Services Ltd
AS17639 Converge ICT Solutions Inc.
AS1764 Next Layer Telekommunikationsdienstleistungs- und Beratungs GmbH
AS17676 SoftBank Corp.
AS1798 State of Oregon
AS18106 Viewqwest Pte Ltd
AS1828 Unitas Global LLC
AS1836 green.ch AG
AS19151 BroadbandONE, LLC
AS1916 Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa
AS19653 CTS Communications Corp
AS196621 Matthias Cramer
AS19754 The Fusion Network, LLC
AS198249 Ops One AG
AS198385 AlpineDC SA
AS199181 Orakom S.r.l.
AS199524 G-Core Labs S.A.
AS199938 Netzwerge GmbH
AS20001 Charter Communications Inc
AS200105 MoeQing Network, LLC
AS200454 Tomas Oliveira Valente Leite de Castro
AS200612 Gulf Bridge International Inc.
AS20080 Florida International University
AS200970 Riepert Informationstechnologie GmbH
AS2027 MilkyWan Association
AS203574 Conect Intercom SRL
AS20473 The Constant Company, LLC

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There are 18 upstreams for this ASN.

upstreams Name
AS1239 Sprint
AS1273 Vodafone Group PLC
AS1299 Arelion Sweden AB
AS17483 CityOnline Services Ltd
AS17676 SoftBank Corp.
AS2497 Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
AS263779 Academia Nacional de Ciencias
AS3320 Deutsche Telekom AG
AS3356 Level 3 Parent, LLC
AS4635 Hong Kong Internet Exchange–Route Server 1
AS52376 CABASE Camara Arg de Base de Datos y Serv en Linea
AS6461 Zayo Bandwidth
AS701 Verizon Business
AS7018 AT&T Services, Inc.

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There is 1 peer for this ASN.

Downstreams Name
AS40027 Netflix Streaming Services Inc.

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Related Networks

What is an ASN?

Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) are assigned to entities such as Internet Service Providers and other large organizations that control blocks of IP addresses. This network page, and the organization field that’s shown on the main IP address information page and also returned in the geolocation API are based on the ASN.

The ASN details will often correspond to the IP address owner, but for smaller organizations it may be that organization’s parent, or their ISP. Find out more about AS2906 at robtex.

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Recent Proxy Detection Tests

The following IP addresses had recent IP Reputation checks.

What is an IP Address?

An IP Address, also known as “Internet Protocol”, is a unique identifier assigned to a user browsing the internet through their Internet Service Provider (ISP). Just as we use an email address or phone number to identify a person, an IP address is linked to an individual user and can be associated with their online activity. An IP reputation check for each IP address makes it easy to identify high risk users or suspicious payments and clicks. It can be difficult for users to frequently switch an assigned IP address from their ISP, which is why internet users often use proxies, VPNs, or Tor to mask their identity.

IP Fraud Scores & Reputation

IP risk scores with IPQS use intelligent scoring to identify connections that have a history of abusive behavior, usually as part of a botnet or malware network. Perform an IP reputation lookup to analyze the risk for any behavior originating from that specific IP address, such as the quality of users, clicks, payments, or registrations. Quickly determine how likely an IP address is to engage in malicious behavior through an easy to read IP address fraud score.

IPQS monitors hundreds of millions of user actions per day to correlate fraudulent behavior to IP addresses in every region of the world. Analyze IP reputation data points such as Recent Abuse, Abuse Velocity, Fraud Score, and Bot Status.

What is a Proxy Connection?

Proxies are used to mask the identity of a user by processing the internet connection through another server. A proxy connection is made via a proxy server, which serves as a hub through which internet requests are processed between websites and the end user. Websites receiving these requests would only see the proxy server’s IP address and not the user’s real IP address. Therefore, a user in another country could mask their true location details to bypass geo restrictions and remain anonymous. Abusive users also utilize proxies to engage in fraudulent activity such as creating duplicate accounts, posting SPAM, or generating fraudulent transactions from different proxy IP addresses without revealing their true identity.

What Info Can I Get From an IP Address Lookup?

Many users are surprised by how much data they can gain by performing an IP Address lookup. Location information may be one of the most useful data points, and is usually accurate within 25 miles of the actual user. IP address lookups can also provide more technical data points such as the Internet Service Provider (ISP), time zone, Autonomous System Number (ASN), blacklist status, hostname, device details, and the status of the IP address as a proxy connection.

IP lookup details also provide an IP address Fraud Score and overall risk analysis to determine how likely an active user on this IP address is to engage in abusive behavior. IPQS’ vast threat network provides greater hits for abusive behavior, which produces intelligent IP risk scores to identify bad users, risky payments, and bots.

Does Proxy Detection Work?

Proxy detection can work exceptionally well with the right service provider to uncover users hiding their identity behind an anonymized connection. The worst offenders of fraud can control millions of IP addresses at one time. This is a great challenge for proxy detection service providers that must monitor IP addresses 24/7 for newly compromised devices which could serve as a proxied connection.

IPQualityScore provides the most accurate proxy detection service in the industry, detecting mobile & desktop devices as soon as they become compromised by botnets or malware, exhibit high risk activity, or allow users to tunnel into a connection. IPQS even detects IP addresses that serve as residential proxies and private VPN servers.

What Types of Connections Do Proxies Use?

IP addresses that function as proxies or VPNs use a wide range of connection types. Residential proxy connections are the most favored since they are very difficult to identify as a high risk IP address and tend to be very costly to access. Data center IP addresses are by far the cheapest and most abundant, since they are the easiest to access. Tor connections are also a very popular source, yet they are have a very obvious footprint which makes it easy to identify Tor IP addresses.

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