Robo shield reviews

Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker Reviews

– Privacy: Pango is built on user privacy and security, therefore, the app will never share or sell users’ personal contact list.

Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker

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User Reviews for Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker

The new app is absolutely terrible

If you at all appreciated the features of RoboShield before, this app is no longer for you! I’ve not received a voicemail in weeks and the app does not work beyond “dial for call forwarding!” There is no way for me to even get back to my voicemail that is being held hostage. I thought it was strange no one has left me a voicemail in forever but my mailbox is entirely empty.

AusBrown, Jun 09, 2023

Needs iOS 14 update

There are a few issues with the app on iOS 14. The main one and the most annoying by far is the system notifications saying “Robo shield pasted from x location,” meaning the app is reading my clipboard in the background. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re scanning for phone numbers to block, but still, it’s suspicious, unnecessary, and annoying. I even turned off background refresh for the app in iOS settings, but the notifications keep coming somehow. Hopefully, they can remove this behavior soon.

cadenkriese, Oct 31, 2020

Gives Detailed Information About Unknown Callers

So far this app has screened two unknown callers. Robo Shield now handles voicemails and a message can be left. I’ve had no problems with the app’s voicemail function. I can dig into the details of the caller and their location and type of caller service that is being used. Known spam is labeled as such. I find this to be useful in screening for any false positives.

Capandjudy, Jun 01, 2023

Truly did nothing

I don’t understand how this app has so many positive reviews. I recently stopped subscribing to another app that suddenly required me to block unknown caller numbers (a shortsighted non-solution, as many important callers simply hang up rather than give their information) to achieve the basic functionality I’d been using for years. I am interrupted by at least a dozen spam calls per week, and even after thorough setup, this app did nothing to block or warn me about those calls. Reporting and blocking spam calls was unnecessarily laborious: rather than simply sharing the number with the app, you have to copy the number from your log, separately open the app, paste the number into the search function, and then complete the steps. I definitely don’t recommend the initial paid tier of this app, and have no interest in test driving the wildly expensive version.

CGC_87, Oct 06, 2022

My Robo shield stopped working and I can no longer look up a number.

I don’t know why but my Robo shield stopped working. I can’t share the number. I can’t look up a number without it saying to subscribe even though I’m already subscribed. This is going on for two months now and I have not received any valid help. I have gotten suggestions on how to keep reloading it but that doesn’t work. I liked it very much when it worked but it doesn’t toggle the things I want to block and keeps referring me back to subscribe to Robo shield. Even when I try to re-subscribe it says I’m already subscribed. I’m extremely frustrated

CGMMatty, Aug 09, 2021

It just doesn’t work

So I purchased a Robo Shield instead of getting one of the free apps expecting to have a significant reduction in the number of scam phone calls and texts that I receive. In fact I’m getting as many texts and scam phone calls as I ever did. And if the only way this program works is from my relentless effort to record and block every phone call and text that I receive then it’s just a waste of my time because new numbers are always showing up. This program does not save me time it takes more of my time managing the blocked phone calls and texts, and it still doesn’t work.

davecontractor, Aug 12, 2020

Bait & Switch

Just another Bait and Switch app “FREE”!! to d/l yet is nothing more to d/l something to use up more space �� $13/subscription to get a working app �� How many apps have I seen who do the same B/S I have one that is ok, & IT IS “FREE” no subscription to have to do to use the app It even reminds you that you need to update it so it can help keep you safe from calls The other app doesn’t get them all, but when I 1st d/l’d it I went from 8 calls to 0 You can add numbers to be blocked This one I got real uneasy when I read the terms & policy I don’t want someone tracking my calls That is �� �� saying it is to id you and we use the information to help make the app better ��Man if you can read between the lines on that you need to be USED Have no intention of even clicking agree with the T&P cause it’s not safe I stick to my app I have not this one This is like the saying goes “Buyer Be Ware” .

Freebe Gam3r, Dec 21, 2019

Average- not impressed with the makers

Let’s start with the fact that it says 49 days free but only gives you 7….? I am looking specifically for a call blocker that blocks any number who comes up as a bill collector. This one company keeps calling me and they call from a different number every single time so I cannot block them. This app does not do that. If you can identify the name of the company by caller ID why can you not block it. My next thing… read their FAQs on their app… the improper English is driving me nuts. Like “why is Robo shield is not blocking…” the second is … not necessary. And it’s in multiple questions. I get that this review isn’t 100% business professional but I’m not trying to sell you anything am I?

georgiablairowens, Jan 28, 2023

Update ruined app. Canceled subscription

This app is worthless to me now. You used to be able to type in any number to look up. Now you can only look up numbers that have contacted you. Very strange to cut that ability. Anyway, lost my biz 🙂

Jacobistheman. Jun 15, 2023

There is no free plan, which is quite stupid.

All of these apps require some paid plan crap that is stupid and useless. I understand you guys have to make money and all, but there is literally no free plan at all. I’m sure even if a free plan was added with limited features, there would still be plenty of people buying the paid plan to get all of the features. So I just don’t see how making the app completely hidden behind a paywall does anything besides make the company look dumb.It would be amazing if a free plan with limited features was added, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Joseph T. Briscod, Aug 04, 2020


Use RoboShield AI-powered Call Assistant to: – Screen unknown calls and receive only important ones; – Know who calls and why before answering the call; – Configure which calls can be connected with you; TOP CALL-BLOCKING FEATURES: We configure your carrier to forward all unknown calls to RoboShield for screening. Our AI Call Assistant can pick up phone calls on behalf of your name and ask questions to identify the reason for the call. Based on our algorithms, we identify each call as: – Verified: safe call with an important intention; – Unverified: call with an unknown intention which wasn’t identified as spam; – Spam: likely spam call; – Based on the call screening categories, you can configure Call Assistant to send callers to voicemail or connect with you.

Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker Reviews

Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker Reviews

About: Stop annoying spam calls with the call blocking app created by the top mobile
security company – Pango. Voted the “Most Innovative Security Company” by
Fast Company, Pango’s mobile security products have been trusted by over 650
million users worldwide.

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About Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker

What is Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker?

Robo Shield is a call blocking app created by Pango, a top mobile security company. The app is designed to stop annoying spam calls and protect users from scam calls. The app has been trusted by over 650 million users worldwide and has been voted the “Most Innovative Security Company” by Fast Company.


– Custom Call Blocking: Users can create custom blocklists from their personal contacts or by caller categories such as spam, scam, political, telemarketers, etc.

– Scam Protection & Identification: The app provides access to a database of untrustworthy numbers to identify and block unwanted calls.

– Up-to-date Call Protection: The database is updated every 6 minutes to provide users with the most accurate information and the best call protection.

– Privacy: Pango is built on user privacy and security, therefore, the app will never share or sell users’ personal contact list.

– Reverse Number Lookup: Users can lookup any number and instantly know if they have been contacted by scammers, spammers, telemarketers, etc.

– Subscription: The app offers a monthly subscription for $2.99/month, which includes premium access to Hotspot Shield VPN.

– Automatic Renewal: The subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before expiration, and payment will be charged to the iTunes account used at the time of purchase.

– Cancellation: Users must cancel their subscription 24 hours before the subscription period expires, or they will be charged for another month.

Overall, Robo Shield is an effective call blocking app that provides users with customizable call blocking options, scam protection, and up-to-date call protection. The app also prioritizes user privacy and offers a subscription that includes premium access to Hotspot Shield VPN.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Negative experience
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Key Benefits of Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker

– Fixes the huge problem of getting spam calls

– Decreases the number of robo calls significantly

– Allows users to answer unknown calls without fear of it being a scammer

– Roboshield Premium subscription is available

15 Robo Shield Spam Call Blocker Reviews

3.1 out of 5

Quit working customer service won’t address

I currently am a subscriber to Roboshield Premium. I had some issues and had to restart my phone. When suddenly Roboshield Premium knocked me out. I resubmitted my information on RoboShieldSpamCallBlocker but RoboShieldSpamCallBlocker states I need to have a subscription so I go to restore purchase, nothing happens, then I try to upgrade but apple notifies me that Im already a subscriber. I already knew this so I contact customer support. They ask for a receipt which I send but they argue it’s not the latest receipt and want another way for me to verify. I send them the message from apple that I’m a current subscriber and can’t resubscribe to something I’m already getting. They won’t accept that either.
They continue to state that there’s no record of my account yet I’m paying for it. The last exchange, they asked for another receipt for which I attempted to send but now I’m unable to add attachments. Customer Service has not tried to assist in any manner. I had over 60 blocked calls on the system but everything is lost since I can’t get into my account. Apple finally suggested I find a new app that actually works so that’s what I’m going to do. The business practice is awful if you encounter an issue. They do not care to assist the customer but have no problem taking your money while unable to locate your account. Haha.