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Receiving mail anonymously is possible with PriPost

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One of the main reasons for receiving mail anonymously is to protect your personal data and address. After all, in the digital world in which we live today, we have to leave our personal details and address everywhere and that entails risks.

Published on 25 July 2019

What are the risks

Suppose you buy a beautiful, expensive television from an online store. You fill in your address and they will deliver the package neatly to you the next day. Very handy! But suppose that the site of this store is not so well secured and that criminals watch and see what is delivered to you… And they also see on social media that you are on holiday and therefore not at home for the time being… This seems like a rare scenario, but nothing could be further from the truth. More and more often there are reports in the news about ID fraud, credit card fraud, phishing, hacked websites, etc. The consequences can be very large. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people whose lives have been really destroyed by the disastrous consequences of internet fraud.

Receive mail anonymouslyAnonymous postal address

With a Postal address from PriPost you create more anonymity for yourself. Instead of leaving your own home address everywhere, you can now leave your postal address. This way your home address remains secret. PriPost receives your mail and you remain anonymous. It is even possible to enter an alias, or a made-up name. As long as PriPost is aware of this name. Of course, we then ensure that your mail reaches you. We can forward or scan mail together in a large envelope, so that you receive everything digitally.

PriPost never shares your personal data

With a postal address from PriPost you can receive mail anonymously, but for us you cannot be anonymous. To become a PriPost customer, you need to provide some personal data. We are also legally obliged to verify your identity. But rest assured, because PriPost will never share your personal data with third parties, unless there is a legal obligation to do so. This is in accordance with our general terms and conditions and privacy regulations. The security of our systems is also very well in order and we remain constantly sharp to adapt this to the latest developments.

Well-known Dutch people and high-risk professions

Meanwhile, there are more and more celebrities who have a postal address at PriPost. Think of (former) politicians, influencers and artists. But also people who practice a risky profession choose our services for safety reasons. For example, lawyers, diplomats, youth care supervisors and entrepreneurs who want to separate business and private life. And there are more and more ‘ordinary’ people who become customers. Ordinary people who have nothing to hide but want privacy and a piece of convenience.

Receive packages anonymously

There are several reasons why someone chooses to receive packages anonymously. We understand that very well, because even sharing your address carries all kinds of risks.

Speciale service voor webshops

Receive packages anonymously

You often order products online but you don’t want to leave your private address everywhere?
You attach great importance to privacy?
Or do you maybe have a risky profession and are you looking for anonymity?

There are several reasons why someone chooses to receive packages anonymously. We understand that very well, because even sharing your address carries all kinds of risks. PriParcel makes it possible to receive parcels anonymously.

After you have created a PriParcel account, you can use the delivery address in the Netherlands to have your packages delivered.
You can order the packages in your own (company-) name or you can use an alias. You can add one extra alias (as a recipient) to your PriParcel account. This way it is always clear that the package belongs to you.

View the special page on the PriParcel website for more information and rates.


Questions and answers regarding receiving packages

Is there the option to pick up my mail? Ron 2020-08-27T15:08:20+02:00
Is there the option to pick up my mail?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We are not equipped for picking up mail or parcels. This requires other procedures that PriPost cannot facilitate.

PriPost processes the mail by scanning or forwarding it. We do this very efficiently and therefore the costs for this are almost always lower than if you would pick up the mail yourself. This also costs time and money.

How does it work when import duties have to be paid? Suzanna 2019-07-13T11:39:35+02:00
How does it work when import duties have to be paid?

The moment we receive a shipment for you for which a payment is necessary, we will first send you a message with the request to deposit the amount of the shipment in your deposit. If you deposit money within seven days, we will take the shipment and take care of the payment. If you do not pay within seven days, the package will be refused and returned to the sender by the carrier.

Can I also receive packages? Suzanna 2020-08-27T15:03:27+02:00
Can I also receive packages?

In order to receive packages you need a (free) PriParcel account. The PriPost locations are intended for mail and do not have the ability to process packages.

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Curious about how the portal actually works and what you can do with the different services? We can well imagine that! To do this, simply create a test account in our demo portal. Experience the convenience yourself first, before you make the decision to purchase. This way you know exactly what to expect.

Published on 8 March 2023

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Published on 27 November 2022

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More and more people are using an alternative postal address. But why is that? There are many reasons to mention. For convenience, we make a subdivision into individuals and companies.

Published on 7 August 2019

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Rates 2023

Excl VAT
One-off administration costs upon activation € 25,00
Monthly subscription PriPost € 5,95
Drawing up a confidentiality agreement (Optional) (*1) €7,50
Mail processing options
Scan (Per scan) (*2) € 0,65
Forward mail nationally (Per shipment) € 7,02
Forward mail internationally (Per shipment) € 12,42
Registered mail national (Per shipment) € 13,99
Registered mail EUR1 (Per shipment) € 17,82
Registered mail EUR2 (Per shipment) € 19,98
Registered mail world (Per shipment) € 25,70
Other costs
Recipients > 5 / per month (per recipient) (*3) € 1,00
Incorrect or no box entry € 0,50
Mail retention rate (If applicable) (*4) € 0,05
Destroy original document with scan option (*5) € 0,44

* All prices mentioned are exclusive of 21% VAT

  1. PriPost guarantees confidentiality of private data and documents. We do not share information with third parties in any way (unless a court order or suspected fraud obliges us to do so). However, a confidentiality statement is necessary for some of our customers in the chain of liability. We also have lawyers, administrators and brokers as clients who in turn have secrecy towards their clients. When we process their mail, they need a paper statement. That is why this option is offered to our customers. However, it is unnecessary for individuals and companies who do not need this in the chain of liability.
  2. A maximum of 20 pages per envelope is invoiced, more pages per envelope are free.
  3. The number of addressees (the names of companies and / or persons) for which you want to receive mail is unlimited. Three additional names (in addition to the Postbox holder and possibly the company name) are included for free. For additional names, in addition to those included in the subscription, you will be charged € 1,00 per name per month.
  4. Storage costs can be charged in two ways. When you have mail forwarded on demand and with scanning when you have not determined in advance what to do with the original documents. In both cases, after 30 days, the mentioned amount per day per item will be charged.
  5. If the option ‘open all mail and scan and destroy originals immediately’ is selected when setting up the Postbox, then shredding is free. In case the choice for destruction is only taken after the envelope and / or content scan, destruction costs will be charged.

EUR1: Belgium, Denmark (excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland), Germany, France, (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy (excl. San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Austria, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands, excl. Canary Islands), United Kingdom (excl. Gibraltar and the Channel Islands), Sweden.
EUR2: all other countries in Europe (excl. Russia).
WORLD: all other countries (incl. Russia)

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