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8 Best Proxies for Netflix in 2023 (Cheap & Premium)

Bypassing these limitations and watching your preferred shows as soon as they are known is simple with a proxy.

Improved Netflix Proxies

Netflix proxies in Backlot and their underlying workflows have been updated to improve both proxy quality and download availability.

What’s Changed?

    Netflix Proxy Quality
    Netflix proxy resolutions have been increased to 1920x1080p where applicable. Sources with lower resolutions will retain their native resolutions.

This new watermarking service provides a more consistent, reliable pool of high-quality Netflix proxies available for download. Thanks to this new service, we are now able to formally decommission the availability of a “Low Quality Final Proxy” option in Backlot (640x360p), which was previously used as an interim stop-gap solution until higher-res, watermarked proxies could become available.

In rare scenarios where the final proxy is not readily available, users will generate an “ad-hoc watermarking request” when attempting to download the proxy from Backlot (see figure 1):


Figure 1
Backlot Messaging for “Ad hoc” watermarking request

Users will then receive an email notification once the ad hoc task is complete with a direct link to the corresponding source request detail page where they can download the proxy (see figure 2):


Figure 2
Email Confirming Download Availability after “Ad hoc” watermarking request

  1. Watermark Changes
    We have stabilized the UUID watermark. It is now statically placed at the bottom of the image (no longer bouncing):


Figure 3

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8 Best Proxies for Netflix in 2023 (Cheap & Premium)

In a hurry?
The best proxies for Netflix in 2023, as found in our independent testing, is Bright Data!

Do you wish you could watch more movies and TV shows from all over the world? You don’t need to look any further than the top Netflix proxies.

If you use a proxy server, you can watch Netflix no matter where you are in the world.

It not only gives you more streaming options, but it also has the potential to increase your viewing privacy and security.

But how do you know which proxy to select from the many available?

Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the best proxies for Netflix in this post so you can make an educated choice.

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Best Proxies for Netflix in 2023

1. Bright Data

Bright Data

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With top-rated proxy service provider Bright Data, you can get around geolocation limitations, access regional content, and shield your online identity.

Bright Data provides a wide range of reasonably priced proxy services, such as residential, data center, ISP, and mobile proxy networks, and has a sizable collection of 72 million IPs.

Around 195 countries can access proxies from Bright Data, with 600,000 coming directly from various ISPs globally and 7 million from mobile devices.

A simple-to-use Proxy Manager controls the proxies with advanced functions like SSL decryption, intelligent routing, and custom rules to save bandwidth.

Bright Data has a team of committed account managers who give customers individualized support.

The provider also provides lifetime IPs, enabling you to use your IPs for as long as you need.

You can track the effectiveness of your proxies with Bright Data’s real-time network performance dashboard.

Bright Data is an excellent option for companies that need high-quality proxies, even though its services might be too powerful for beginners.

Your online activities can be anonymous and secure with 100% uptime and the ability to manipulate IP addresses.

Depending on the add-ons you select, Bright Data has flexible and reasonable pricing.

Adding features like multiple domains and city targeting will increase the cost.

Netflix users looking for reasonably priced, dependable, and secure proxies should strongly consider Bright Data.

2. ProxyEmpire


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ProxyEmpire is one of the best Netflix proxy websites you can use.

More than 5 million proxies in many different protocols (HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS5, SOCKS4, and more) are available through this service.

Access geo-blocked content and bypass regional restrictions efficiently thanks to their global network of over a thousand servers.

ProxyEmpire’s low price makes it a great choice for those on a tighter budget.

They provide a sizable pool of IP addresses and no limits on the number of connections users can have open at once.

Their compatibility with other applications is another reason it helps automate web-based processes.

ProxyEmpire provides dynamic residential proxies that change IP addresses at set intervals during a session and truly static residential proxies that don’t change at all.

They make it simpler to find a suitable proxy by providing proxies from various countries.

Accessing restricted content and unblocking videos on YouTube are both made possible by ProxyEmpire’s superior location support.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider, such as the free trial is only available to businesses and there is no money-back guarantee.

3. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy-Seller is an industry leader in providing secure and affordable proxies from data centers worldwide through HTTPS and SOCKS protocols.

Proxy-Seller provides a large selection, with proxies available from over 40 different countries and 900+ separate IP addresses.

You can purchase subscriptions on a weekly, monthly, biannual, or annual basis.

Customers have the option of using a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin, PayPal, and major credit cards.

IPv6 proxies, which Proxy-Seller provides, are an additional benefit because they are more efficient and cost-effective than IPv4 proxies.

In addition, they have round-the-clock access to top-notch support staff ready to address any concerns you may have.

Customers can select from two types of proxies according to their needs: private and shared.

The intuitive design of their website facilitates the rapid onboarding of new customers.

An easy-to-understand layout with step-by-step directions and hints is incorporated into their interface design.

4. Private Proxy


Private Proxy is widely regarded as the best residential proxy service available.

Those concerned with online privacy will be pleased to learn that it provides anonymous HTTP and HTTPS IPv4 proxies.

PrivateProxy’s IP address authorization and standard username/password login systems are both available to users for convenience.

After making a purchase, customers can contact customer support to have their proxies shuffled to a specific location.

They can even specify whether they want proxies only from that area or from all over the world.

Compared to other products on the market, PrivateProxy stands out because of its ability to whitelist up to four IP addresses simultaneously.

With over 5 million IPs in their proxy pool and coverage in more than 140 countries, PrivateProxy provides excellent location support.

Customers can test out the service for free for seven days and use up to three proxies to see if it meets their needs before paying for a subscription.

PrivateProxy also offers free IP address rotation once per month, providing users with an extra layer of security.

5. Rayobyte


Rayobyte is a premier US-based provider of datacenter proxy services that won’t break the bank.

It has over 300,000 IPs and servers in 27 countries, and its proxies start at a low monthly price with unlimited concurrency and bandwidth.

Their proxy services allow users to perform various online tasks efficiently, including SEO research, Netflix streaming, social media browsing, ad tracking, and online shopping.

Rayobyte offers a free trial period of 2 days.

Residential proxies datacenter proxies are just a few of the services offered by Rayobyte.

They even added mobile and ISP proxies to give users even more flexibility.

Rayobyte’s responsive support services, provided by their excellent support team, are one of the best parts of the software.

Additionally, users can choose from numerous pricing plans, and every month they get one free proxy replacement courtesy of Rayobyte.

The use of Rayobyte is not without its flaws, though.

Their registration and verification steps are time-consuming and don’t allow city-specific proxy targeting.

6. Froxy


Finding a reliable proxy service that allows you to watch Netflix can be difficult.

Luckily, Froxy, a recently founded proxy service provider by Wargames OU, provides trustworthy options at reasonable prices.

Froxy provides a variety of residential and mobile proxies, allowing users to manage varying volumes of traffic with an uptime of up to 99.9 percent.

Its IP leak protection is a standout feature that hides your actual IP address even if your connection drops.

In addition to a large proxy pool spanning more than 200 geolocations, this service provides expert technical support.

Online data harvesting projects would benefit significantly from its intuitive design and helpful customer service staff.

Froxy also has an IP rotation feature that lets you switch proxies without getting your IP address blacklisted.

More than 8 million IP addresses from over 190 countries are available to users, making it simple to deliver content based on where it is viewed.

To give users more control over their proxy spending, Froxy provides a sliding scale of pricing options.

7. SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxies

SSL Private Proxy is one of the most popular options for users looking to manage their Netflix account without connectivity problems or IP blockages.

It has many features and a robust network of over 120,000 IP addresses.

The commitment of SSLPrivateProxy to powering its servers with renewable energy is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

They run wind-powered data centers and are exploring future clean energy support options.

This provider stands out from others thanks to its dedication to sustainability, which makes them a desirable choice for users who care about the environment.

SSLPrivateProxy provides reasonably priced options for both shared and private proxies.

The most recent firewall technology guarantees high security and anonymity while providing unlimited bandwidth of up to 1Gbps.

They accept many payment methods and offer first-rate customer service, including a base of knowledge and a 24/7/365 contact center.

SSLPrivateProxy offers dedicated proxy servers for social media management, gaming, ad promotion, and other uses in addition to the Netflix proxy services.

8. InstantProxies


In addition to their shared proxies for search engines, InstantProxies also provides cost-effective and dependable datacenter proxies that are excellent for a bunch of tasks, including SEO auditing and management.

One of InstantProxies’ distinctive qualities is its highly anonymous proxies, which work with a wide range of websites and social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

InstantProxies provides excellent location coverage, unlimited bandwidth, and subnet variety using proxies from various cities around the world.

Additionally, they test their proxies before delivering them to users, guaranteeing their high quality.

Although the size of their IP pool is unknown, they allow up to 100 concurrent threads and have reasonable pricing starting at a low cost.

Although they don’t offer free trials, they provide testing options on their website so you can determine whether their proxies fit your requirements.

In addition to having a responsive and effective customer support team and a seven-day refund policy, InstantProxies is a fantastic choice for people looking for inexpensive yet premium proxy servers for Netflix.


Why Use a Proxy for Netflix?

Have you ever been so excited to watch your new favorite Netflix show that you were disappointed to learn it wasn’t available in your country?

No matter what subscription level you have, proxy servers for Netflix can assist you in unblocking blocked content so you can watch your favorite films and TV shows from anywhere in the world.

You can access Netflix proxies to access regionally restricted content. New episodes of your favorite series may be something you look forward to, but they’re only available in some places.

Bypassing these limitations and watching your preferred shows as soon as they are known is simple with a proxy.

Proxy servers can assist you in accessing exclusive deals in addition to unblocking restricted content.

For instance, users of Netflix in the US have access to a free trial period during which they can view movies before subscribing.

Many other nations don’t offer this deal, but you can access it anywhere worldwide if you use a proxy.

Can You Legally Use Proxies?

Yes, using a proxy service is legal for a range of services. However, a proxy could be used for malicious purposes.

Any item has the potential for misuse.

All of the proxy providers we’ve included in this article prohibit their services from being used for illegal or malicious purposes.

They will terminate your account if they discover you’ve been doing so.

Even some acceptable uses of proxies, like data analysis and scraping, can lead to severe legal ambiguities depending on the country.

However, using them to stream Netflix is not problematic at all.


You can watch Netflix with more safety and confidentiality by using one of the best proxies for Netflix we talked about.

Choose the best fit for your need, and your Netflix video-viewing experience will improve immediately.