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hi guys,
There is a lot of host closed because of SOPA,PIPA.Therefore, I want to download via torrent but don’t know any site.
Is there any site update new release everyday?


Jav Junkies! I was just flipping through cable channels on my parent’s cable box and realized we had four or five porn channels. So yeah, I started wanking around age 10, and I have been jerking it day in day out for all those years. It probably cost my dick a place in a wet and warm pussy, but that’s just the way it is. It got better (worse) when I discovered Japanese smut in high school with my friends. I would download hundreds of Japanese porn with a premium account, and when the pixilated versions didn’t do it for me, I kept scouring the internet sometimes for hours for something to bust a nut to.When I went to college, I thought I would have no time to fap as I would be too busy studying. How wrong I was. Every time I was stressed over an exam, you guess what my remedy was; Japanese porn. Well, it made me feel better (it still does) and allowed me to fantasize about pounding the chicks in the film. It was the only thing I could do as I have never been a pussy magnet in the mold of serial fucker The Porn Dude.Years later, I still find the same fascination with Japanese porn. There is nothing I love more than seeing the thin-eyed Japanese babes getting their hairy pussies pounded and ending up with a load of thick jizz on their faces. If like me, you are a Japanese porn junkie, you know nobody beats these Asians when it comes to the kinkiest and most bizarre porn. So yeah, I love oriental smut to the core. It has messed up with my dick because I can’t get it up and when I do, I get flaccid within a few seconds, but with no hope of ever having a sexual encounter with a girl beyond porn films, I’m stuck to this miserable cycle.The good news is I might have bumped on the perfect site to get my hands on the hottest smut from Japan. I’m talking about JAVJunkies.com which is a torrent site with thousands of free Japanese porn films waiting to be downloaded. If you are looking to get your daily JAV fix, this looks like the perfect place to be if the size of the archive is anything to go by. Read on to find out everything about this fucktastic source of Oriental wank materials.

Fast-growing torrents archive thanks to multiple daily updates

JAVJunkies.com is actually a torrent archive and daily update destination meaning they don’t actually host the content here. But I’m thinking everyone knows what a torrent site is and how they operate. In simple terms, it allows you to download authentic Japanese videos in bulk at the unbelievable price of zero. The archive goes back 10 years and sometimes, up to 50 entries are posted daily! Now that’s a whole lot of porn to get on your hard drive.The videos are DVD rips, and you can expect unrivaled quality. However, there is no way to preview them or stream anything, which is how torrents operate anyway. It is also good to note that the site is not strictly dedicated to Japanese porn as you will also find some western DVDs from Digital Playground and the likes, all in the spirit of diversity. If the tag cloud on the front page is anything to go by, you can expect a bit of everything here from creampies, incest, nurses, and public sex, among other niches.

Crappy design is a bit of letdown

The moment I landed on the welcome page, I couldn’t help but notice the unusual combination of white and pink as the background colors. I’m a porn junkie, and I would prefer darker colors. But anyway, pussy is pink, but still. The organization of content could also do with a bit of upgrade. The absence of a browsing menu is a case in point, and although there is a basic search feature, we could do with both, to be honest. The small pink fonts don’t help much either. The content is listed on the right based on day, month, and year, therefore, the only way to look for it is through the search option or the tag cloud on the bottom right. There’s a monthly top 10, and a monthly top 20 of JAV idols, but sadly, no pornstar index.Also, the DVDs are listed as large thumbs and in Japanese. There are no tags when you hover over them, and all you get is the file size, number of files, and the leading performer. You will need to open the thumb to know more about the DVD. Certainly not a piece of cake for a damn ass like myself, but I’m assuming you are way smarter.

Massive assortment of JAV porn DVD torrents

Like earlier mentioned, JAV Junkies have been around for a decade, and with content stretching back August 2009 and tens of updates per day, the archive is inevitably going to be huge. You can expect thousands upon thousands of files to pick from. The archive consists of DVD rips of the highest quality with the site even coming out to confirm that ‘annoying’ low quality or incomplete versions are not allowed on the site. But like mentioned, you need to download the files to really know what’s going on which is a bit of a bummer.That said, downloading the torrents is quite straightforward. Simply click on the thumb and get a download link. You will need to put up with some redirects which are mostly ads linking you to other sites. For instance, there was this one that redirected me to an online sex toy store. And hey, I thought it was a brilliant idea, only I couldn’t afford even the cheapest pocket pussy. Look around, you might just find one that suits you.

It’s a Japanese porn cocktail

The tags are your best bet to honing towards the kind of smut you are looking for. JAV Junkies have duly offered a bunch of options on the right side, and you will find pretty much all the Japanese porn niches you know and some that you don’t. Expect to jerk off to cosplay, bukkake, fellatio, double penetration, incest, rape, torture, and bondage among others.The only glitch perhaps being that the site doesn’t have a page dedicated to tags (or categories for that matter). It’d have been better to have a page availing content from all the available niches of Japanese porn JAV Junkies stacks. It would have provided a better alternative for the tag cloud, but hey, beggars are no choosers, are they?

Reasons to love JAV Junkies

Tons of DVD rips; the site has a huge archive stretching back a decade and users can expect thousands of high-quality DVDs.Multiple updates; the site is not satisfied with their massive archive and updates up to 50 times a day.Free downloads; by far the best part of JAV Junkies is the fact that you can download all the shit here for free.Some western porn; to break the monotony, the site has thrown some American/European torrents in the mix as well.

The ugly of JAV Junkies

Difficult navigation; the lack of basic browsing tools (a top menu, for instance) makes navigating the site a bit of a challenge.Pointless security checks; what’s the purpose of asking me to confirm that I’m not a robot? It’s just a porn site for crying out loud.Ads; the ads and annoying redirects are a nightmare and will (almost) ruin your experience.

How the site can improve

The site is generally solid, but they need to sort out the navigation. A browsing menu and a page dedicated to categories would go a long way.

The money shot

There are plenty of improvements for JAV Junkies to make, but when it’s all said and done, it’s a solid choice for torrent junkies. The site is teeming with thousands of high-quality DVDs with the best in Japanese smut, and it’d be mean not to term the collection and diversity great. The navigation might be an obstacle, but the sheer size of the archive makes up for it. Every day is a faptastic day at JAV Junkies.

  • Tons of DVD rips
  • Multiple updates
  • Free downloads
  • Some western porn
  • Difficult navigation
  • Pointless security checks
  • Ads

Jav torrent site?

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hi guys,
There is a lot of host closed because of SOPA,PIPA.Therefore, I want to download via torrent but don’t know any site.
Is there any site update new release everyday?


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Do you tend to enter McDonalds to ask where is the nearest Burger King?


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hi guys,
There is a lot of host closed because of SOPA,PIPA.Therefore, I want to download via torrent but don’t know any site.
Is there any site update new release everyday?

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hi guys,
There is a lot of host closed because of SOPA,PIPA.Therefore, I want to download via torrent but don’t know any site.
Is there any site update new release everyday?



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This thread is a little more relevant now

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Try JAV Junkies



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Try JAV Junkies

There are porn posters at TPB that often post JAV there before it makes it here. I am not going to hunt down the best JAV posters there for you though, that is a chore I leave up to you. There are a few sections for porn but you might start here:

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