What you need to know about the ‘Optimal Location’ server feature

Before we get into what determines the Optimal (server) Location for your connection, it’s important to establish how speed is impacted. This understanding will help you to reliably achieve the best VPN connections possible.

IPVanish Server List

IPVanish claims to have 2200+ servers in 75+ locations. And, by my count, those numbers are pretty accurate. To be precise, the VPN runs servers in 82 locations and 52 countries.

Many VPN providers like to stretch the truth quite significantly about the size of their network. So, it’s nice to see IPVanish being honest and claiming numbers that mostly reflect reality.

While supporting 52 countries doesn’t put IPVanish at the bottom of the top-tier VPN provider server list pack, it’s certainly closer to the lower end of the scale.

It does manage to put some well know providers, including Private Internet Access, to shame. However, IPVanish can’t touch the extensive networks of CyberGhost with 118 locations in 93 countries or Surfshark, which has servers in an almost awe-inspiring 143 locations in 100 countries.

That said, every location I would expect is there. This includes very strong showings in Europe and the United States – nearly 75% of IPVanish’s servers are in those two regions.

IPVanish also owns all its servers. Most providers opt to lease hardware from data centers, which is never ideal from a security point of view. So, kudos to IPVanish there.

On the performance side of things, IPVanish’s speed test results show excellent numbers. They’re certainly among the best in the VPN industry, with upload speeds standing out as especially impressive.

That level of performance makes IPVanish a great choice for streaming video. However, as I point out in my review, you should keep in mind that there are better VPNs out there for unblocking Netflix (or other similar services for that matter).

The tables below break down the IPVanish servers list by region, country, and city – some countries have servers in multiple locations.

Each table is also sortable by its columns to, hopefully, make finding information easier.

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North America

There are 24 IPVanish locations in North America.

Country City / Location Number of Servers
Canada .
Canada Montreal
Canada Toronto
Canada Vancouver
Mexico Guadalajara
United States .
United States Ashburn, VA
United States Atlanta, GA
United States Boston, MA
United States Charlotte, NC
United States Chicago, IL
United States Cincinnati
United States Dallas, TX
United States Denver, CO
United States Detroit, MI
United States Grand Canyon
United States Houston, TX
United States Las Vegas, NV
United States Los Angeles, CA
United States Miami, FL
United States Minneapolis
United States New Orleans, LA
United States New York, NY
United States Phoenix, AZ
United States San Jose, CA
United States Seattle, WA


There are an impressive 38 IPVanish locations in Europe.

Country City / Location Number of Servers
Albania Tirana
Austria Vienna
Belgium Brussels
Bulgaria Sofia
Croatia Zagreb
Czech Republic Prague
Denmark Copenhagen
Estonia Tallinn
Finland Helsinki
France .
France Bordeaux
France Marseille
France Paris
Germany Frankfurt
Greece Athens
Hungary Budapest
Iceland Reykjavik
Ireland Dublin
Italy Milan
Latvia Riga
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Moldova Chisinau
Netherlands Amsterdam
Norway Oslo
Poland Warsaw
Portugal Lisbon
Romania Bucharest
Serbia Belgrade
Slovakia Bratislava
Slovenia Ljubljana
Spain .
Spain Madrid
Spain Valencia
Sweden Stockholm
Switzerland Zurich
Turkey Istanbul
United Kingdom .
United Kingdom Birmingham
United Kingdom Glasgow
United Kingdom London
United Kingdom Manchester

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The number of IPVanish locations in Oceania is 5.

Country City / Location Number of Servers
Australia .
Australia Adelaide
Australia Melbourne
Australia Perth
Australia Sydney
New Zealand Auckland


The IPVanish locations list in Asia currently stands at 8.

Country City / Location Number of Servers
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Israel Tel Aviv
Japan Tokyo
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Singapore Singapore
South Korea Seoul
Taiwan Taipei
United Arab Emirates Dubai

Central America

IPVanish has just 1 location in Central America.

Country City / Location Number of Servers
Costa Rica San Jose

South America

There are 5 IPVanish locations in South America.

Country City / Location Number of Servers
Argentina Buenos Aires
Brazil Sao Paulo
Chile Santiago
Colombia Bogota
Peru Lima


IPVanish has 1 location in Africa.

Country City / Location Number of Servers
South Africa Johannesburg

What you need to know about the ‘Optimal Location’ server feature

Long exposure of a lit tunnel indicating speed to visualize the effect of IPVanish VPN's Optimal Location feature

This post discusses a feature called “Optimal Location” that automatically connects its user to the most suitable VPN server near them that is optimized for both performance and speed throughout the connection. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of this feature and how it can enhance your VPN experience.

Too often, individuals who prioritize their online privacy are confronted with a challenging dilemma. Should they sacrifice their speed in the name of data security, or should they risk being left vulnerable to achieve faster connections? Furthermore, if they do decide to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), how can they determine which server to utilize?

With IPVanish, you don’t have to make that choice. We’ve built a global server network optimized for reliability, offering multiple VPN protocols, to best serve our users. In addition, our Optimal Location feature quickly selects a well-balanced VPN server with consistent performance that is less likely to become crowded, all with just one click.

So, how does the IPVanish Optimal Location server feature work, exactly, and how can you use it to obtain top-notch VPN connections? Here’s everything you need to know.

Understand what factors impact VPN speed

Before we get into what determines the Optimal (server) Location for your connection, it’s important to establish how speed is impacted. This understanding will help you to reliably achieve the best VPN connections possible.

When you’re connected to a VPN, such as IPVanish, your speed depends on multiple factors, including:

  • The distance between your VPN server and your actual physical location
  • The distance between your VPN server and the host of the websites you want to visit
  • The number of people using a VPN server at one time
  • The technical processing power of your device

Optimize your server selection with the Optimal Location feature

Generally speaking, selecting a server closer to you will result in better connection performance. You can choose specific IPVanish servers manually to achieve this result, but this method can be time-consuming. Fortunately, our Optimal Location feature does the work for you.

What is the Optimal Location feature?

The Optimal Location server feature is our mechanism to determine the best server available for your location before establishing your VPN connection. It’s the latest evolution of what was once called our QuickConnect™ feature for its easy convenience.

How does it work?

The feature determines which servers are closest to you based on your IP address. Then it uses a client-based load-balancing algorithm that weighs four variables to determine an ideal VPN server for you. This algorithm considers:

This identifies a distinct set of servers near your location.

This ensures you’ll have a reliable experience independent of the lifespan of the connection.

This determines how many users are occupying a given server and narrows down potential servers that are at 30% load or less.

This assigns a server at random that meets the above-mentioned proximity, consistency, and server load criteria, preventing future server crowding.

Using the Optimal Location feature for server selection creates a reliable connection and prevents the server you’re connected to from being overloaded immediately. Our algorithm ensures that there’s an even distribution of users across our infrastructure. It doesn’t just connect you to an unoccupied server immediately; this is because we designed it to avoid the scenario in which a server with the lowest load becomes the recommended server for all users, and then instantly becomes overloaded.

When should I use the Optimal Location server feature?

You should use the Optimal Location feature whenever you need a fast server for general VPN use. If you’re using IPVanish for a specific use case, however, you may want to be more intentional with your server selection.

It’s important to remember that as a user, you can always experiment with different servers and locations to find the best server for your needs. The Optimal Location feature is great at establishing a reliably fast connection without needing to be tech-savvy or try out multiple servers. So when you are in a hurry, use Optimal Location.

It is possible to find a server through manual trial-and-error that could be faster than the app’s choice of an optimal location for a period. Remember to keep the various factors that impact a VPN in mind and select accordingly.

For all others, there is our Optimal Location feature. We let the algorithms do the thinking for you and ensure a strong connection without worrying about the edge cases and the fluctuations of server loads.

When should the Optimal Location feature not be used?

The general Optimal Location feature should not be used to select a server if you want to connect to a precise location. If you were in South America but wanted to connect to a specific location in Asia, for example, this option may not be the best for you.

This is because the algorithm identifies promising servers close to your location. Only by selecting a specific region first, can you force the application to look for the Optimal Location in that area. To use the region-filtered version of the feature, simply select the country and/or city you would like to appear in, before connecting through the Optimal Location feature.

IPVanish is always working to provide you with the best VPN speeds possible

In addition to developing and fine-tuning features that promote high-speed VPN connections, IPVanish also maintains an optimized global server network and offers a variety of VPN protocols to meet our users’ needs.

IPVanish VPN Servers

IPVanish delivers access to a high-speed, global network of more than 2,200 VPN servers in over 75 VPN locations. This international distribution of servers ensures that no matter where you’re located in the world, a high-speed VPN connection is available.

IPVanish VPN Protocols

IPVanish supports multiple VPN protocols and connection types to make our VPN service as fast and adaptable as possible. This includes WireGuard®, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPSec.

WireGuard is the latest advancement in VPN connection methods and has been designed to be faster, stronger, and more lightweight than other connection types. For users who prioritize speed, we recommend WireGuard connections when possible.

Experience high-speed connections with IPVanish

You can use the Optimal Location feature in the IPVanish VPN app now.

Have you already used the Optimal Location feature? Let us know what you think and share your experience. Your feedback is important to us and is used to improve our service.

Looking for the best VPN online? Sign up today to get started.

Ipvanish fastest server

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