IP Scrambler vs VPN: How to Scramble Your IP Address

Security is a top priority on the internet for everyone. Especially so for people who want to go incognito to gather data, access geo-restricted content, grow social media accounts, etc. Although it’s tempting to go for a free solution, in the end, it could cost more than you thought you were saving. Not to be a scaremonger, but the damage could even be priceless!

What is an IP Scrambler


Your IP address provides valuable information about you to the internet, such as your location, although you may not be aware of it. When you access a web page on the internet, it will establish a connection between your device and the web server on which the web page is hosted. Plenty of information is automatically exchanged during the connection process, with an IP address being part of it.

Most IP addresses will expose your location. Some website owners will create geo-restricted content based on your IP location. Network administrators would monitor your online activities from your IP address, and security companies, too, would be able to track down someone.

So what this implies is when you are on the internet, your privacy is not guaranteed. Therefore this article will discuss ways to maintain your privacy using some of the latest tools in the form of an IP Scrambler.

However, First, let’s first look at instances when you need to hide your IP address.

Reasons for hiding your IP address

Reasons for hiding your IP address

Hiding your online activity from your ISP( Internet Service Provider)-Not only can your ISP monitor your online activity, but they also can sell your data to third parties. So it’s best to take precautions by masking your IP address.

Accessing Geo-restricted content- Most video streaming websites restrict their content to viewers in certain countries only. Also, if you need to watch your favorite movie and if it only shows on Netflix, you will not have a chance to view it if Netflix is not available in your country. Again, the solution would be to hide your IP address and access it from different locations using proxies.

Web Scraping- When you scrape data from websites, it is more likely that your IP is getting blocked. This occurs when you use the same IP address for every request to the website to scrape the data. So you need to have different IP addresses when you scrape.

Avoiding government Surveillance –Governments of different countries monitor their citizens’ online activities to check if they visit websites deemed illegal in such countries and media and news sites that carry out opposing government views. Although you may not fall into any of the above categories, micro monitoring can still hinder you.

Once again, the solution would be to mask your IP address.

Avoiding IP bans on your social media accounts- there would be circumstances where you need to create more than one social media account from a particular platform for various obvious reasons, as mentioned in this article. However, doing so with the same IP address could result in an IP ban or account ban. The obvious choice would be to use proxies.

All these examples prove that your privacy is not guaranteed online. A remedy for all the above scenarios would be to disguise your IP address so that the sites you visit would have false information about you, and hence they would not be able to make any correct judgments about you. Let’s find out how.

What is an IP Scrambler?

IP scrambler is nothing but rotating proxies that automatically change their IP address after each web request. It routes all your requests to the target web server by masking your IP address. So the target web server would detect the proxy server’s IP address instead of yours.

What is an IP Scrambler

How does the scrambler differ from a proxy server?

The significant difference between an IP scrambler and a proxy is that the former uses a proxy every time you connect to it. However, it will be a different proxy in each instance of a new connection. This is more like rotating proxies, so experts prefer IP Scrambler more than a typical proxy and often call it a proxy switcher.

To achieve the effects of an IP scrambler, you have two options: use the rotating proxies or manually rotate by yourself. You will have a pool of proxies for the latter method and change them after each web request. However, the IP scrambler works by rotating proxies that automatically change their IP address after every request.

Other ways to mask your IP address

You now know what an IP scrambler is and how it functions. Next, let’s look at some of the other methods by which you can hide your IP address.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) operates pretty much similar to proxies with some notable differences. First of all, a VPN operates at the Operating System-level so, unlike a proxy, you don’t have to set up specific applications to get the job done. As far as the similarities are concerned, they also mask your IP address and route all your requests to the target website.

Once you install a VPN on your desktop, all the requests from your computer will be routed through it by masking your IP address as well as your location.

One of the significant advantages of proxies is that VPN encrypts all your data, whereas proxies do not. However, they are slower than proxies due to the time it takes for encryption.


Tor Browser

Tor is a decentralized network that is operated by thousands of volunteers. This process can be a bit challenging but one of the most effective ways of masking your IP address. Of course, it’s more technical than the IP scrambler or a VPN, but we will describe the critical points in a nutshell.

Unlike the proxies or VPNs where your requests will be routed through one or fewer more devices, in Tor, your requests will be routed through a large number of devices. So your IP address will be that of the last computer before your target device in this routing process. All the computers involved in the routing process will remove all the traces, which leaves a lack of chances of finding your original IP address.

How can Proxyscrape help you with IP Scrambler

ProxyScrape can assist you with several different pools of proxies to get the best results for scrambling your IP addresses. For instance, with our 7 million residential proxy pool, you are sure to get the best possible results. Please visit our website to get further information on the different types of proxies.


Now you have learned about the IP Scrambler as well as other ways of changing your IP address. One of the inconveniences that you come across with the internet is that it gives a false sense of security, whereas, in reality, this is hardly the scenario. So we hope you have learned all the fundamentals to mask your IP address to be on the safe side.

IP Scrambler vs VPN: How to Scramble Your IP Address

When you use the Internet, you are unknowingly giving out a lot of information about you as well as your location.

This is all thanks to your IP address.

This can happen without you even knowing, and it happens really easily.

When you connect to a web server, there will be a connection between your browser and the server, and a lot of information is automatically exchanged with your IP address being part of it.

An IP address, otherwise known as an Internet Protocol address, is a server that is assigned to your device and connects your device to the Internet for the purpose of communication.

Most IP addresses will reveal your location, and as a result a website can show different content to their users based on where they are located.

However, a website can also choose to restrict users who are in a specific location, or even an isolated user based on their IP address. Security agencies out there also use this to track someone down, and as a result we live in a world where surveillance is commonplace.

This means that when you go online and use the Internet, your privacy isn’t guaranteed. However, if you want to do something about this, then you might want to consider masking your IP address.

When you do this, the websites that you visit will have false information about you and won’t be able to identify who you are.

What is an IP Scrambler?

IP Scrambler

An IP scrambler is nothing more than a proxy server, which is an intermediate server that a web request is routed through in order to disguise your real IP address.

This occurs when the web server only sees the IP address of the proxy server, and not the IP address of the computer that is initiating those requests.

However, there is a difference between a proxy and an IP scrambler. An IP scrambler uses a proxy every time, but changes them after one use, which means that they are more like a rotating proxy. This is why a lot of experts out there prefer using an IP scrambler to a regular proxy.

To achieve the level of IP scrambler that is going to keep you anonymous and safe online, you’ve got two choices. You can either use rotating proxies, or you can rotate the proxies yourself.

Of course, if you’re going to do things manually, then you will need access to a bunch of different proxies, and you will have to change them after every web request.

The best IP scramblers are the ones that automatically rotate their proxies and change their IP address after every web request.

Some of the changes occur at specific times, while others are random. You can purchase rotating proxies from SSLPrivateProxy, High Proxies, and Blazing SEO Proxy.

Alternatives to IP Scramblers

Now that you know that an IP scrambler is a proxy, what are some alternatives that you can use to hide your real identity in order to protect your privacy online?

From where we stand, there are two major alternatives: Tor and VPN Services.

IP Scrambler vs VPN Services


A VPN is otherwise known as a virtual private network, and it works very similar to a proxy by rerouting your web requests through a different server.

However, unlike proxies, you won’t need to set them up with specific applications for them to do their job. With VPN’s, the protection comes in at the system level.

What is the best VPN to scramble IP addresses? NordVPN is the industry leader with Surfshark coming in as close second.

Once you have installed a VPN on your desktop and activated it, all requests that come from your computer will be sent through the VPN, which will hide your IP address as well as the information of your location.

Most of the time, proxies are used with computers, while people who access the Internet through their smartphone as well as their desktop use VPN services.

VPN’s have a couple of advantages over proxies. Data that is sent through proxy servers is not usually encrypted, whereas VPN software makes sure to encrypt all of the data.

This is going to protect you against hackers and other surveillance sources, like the government.

We also consider VPNs to be a little bit more reliable than proxies. However, they are typically slower than proxies, because of the time they take to encrypt your information.

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IP Scrambler vs Tor Services

Tor Services

The alternative to using a proxy or even a VPN to hide your identity online is Tor.

This is perhaps one of the most challenging, yet best ways to hide your IP address. It is a little bit more technical than the other ways, so we’re going to try and explain it to you in an easy to understand way.

For proxies and VPN, your requests will be routed through only one or two other devices. However, with Tor you get routed through a number of different computers, which removes all traces that could potentially be linked back to your real IP address.

This means that an individual request to connect to the Internet is relayed through a number of different computers commonly known as nodes.

The Tor service includes more than 7000 volunteer computer nodes in the network. This means that to make the most of it you need to connect to their network. This either comes in the form of a bundle or a plugin that you install into your browser.

Final Thoughts

The trouble with the Internet is that most of the time it gives its users a false sense of security.

While you might think that people can’t see what you’re doing and where you are located, it’s easier than you think to get your information stolen.

This means that if you want to remain completely safe and anonymous when going online, you have to know that on some level you are under surveillance.

Because most web browsers out there aren’t going to provide their users with the kind of privacy they deserve, we suggest that you use a VPN, an IP scrambler, or Tor to hide your true identity. Good luck!

This Is as Close as You Will Ever Get to an IP Scrambler

Are you looking for an IP scrambler? Something that could change or hide your IP address for every connection, provide security and anonymity? Congrats, because you’ve found it – the best rotating proxy network. Read on to discover how it can help you scramble your IP address and hide or spoof your true IP.

hide your IP address for every connection

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A rotating proxy – the real IP address scrambler

An IP ‘scrambler’ is an imprecise word because an IP address cannot really be scrambled. On the Internet, every connection request must show the last IP address it comes from. But if you’re using a proxy, your request runs through the proxy server first, and only then connects to the website. In this way, your IP address will change and you, my friend, will be effectively using an IP address scrambler! Well, only if you’ll change your proxy with every connection request.

To change IP addresses easily, you need a massive proxy list and a rotating proxy network. A rotating proxy is a proxy server that assigns a new IP from the proxy pool for each of your connections.

Next, you have to choose the type of proxies you will use. There are several types of proxies that you can choose from depending on your needs. We have a helpful blog post about the differences between datacenter and residential proxies, so we won’t go into it here. In this article, we will be talking about rotating residential proxies because they look like IPs of real devices and don’t reveal your true IP.


Scramble IP address to scrape effectively

If you’ve run a scraper script, you know how vulnerable you can be to IP blocks or cloaking. Don’t want to boast, but the massive proxy pool of rotating 55M+ residential IPs and the ability to target locations is exactly what can put your scraping into gear. When a scraper connects through thousands of unique proxies, it simply scrambles IP addresses.

A rotating proxy network can scramble an IP address so well that it improves the scraping speed. With unlimited threads (each with its own unique IP), there’s no delay, so you can scrape your competitors a dozen times faster.

Don’t fall for free proxies

Again, there’s no reliable way to hide your IP address without a proxy. With our residential proxies, you’ll have access to over 40M proxy pool and will appear like a regular visitor to any website. All you need to do is connect to the backconnect proxy node, which will act as an IP address hider.

We strongly recommend steering clear of free proxies for several reasons. For starters, they are likely to contain malware and harvest or steal your data. Moreover, such proxies are notoriously inefficient and slow.

Also, since free proxies are often abused by people on the internet, they are easily recognized by the targeted websites. Therefore, you will be unable to do most of the things you want with them. Please don’t bother with any free IP address hider for your own good. It won’t ensure your anonymity.

connect to the backconnect proxy

To summarize

Security is a top priority on the internet for everyone. Especially so for people who want to go incognito to gather data, access geo-restricted content, grow social media accounts, etc. Although it’s tempting to go for a free solution, in the end, it could cost more than you thought you were saving. Not to be a scaremonger, but the damage could even be priceless!

A reputable proxy provider is the only safe way to have your IP changed with each connection. It’s not an empty brag when we say that Smartproxy had over 99% uptime in the last year. You can use our rotating proxy network to access over 40 million IP addresses at any time of the day. Choose your plan here!