With more than 4,800 legally downloadable files, Legit Torrents is a trustworthy legitimate torrent website. The 100% legal torrent downloading website hosts shows, Linux distro, videos, music, ebooks, games, software, anime, and data sets.

8 Best Legal Torrenting Sites In 2023 [Safe Torrent Download]

The Pirate Bay , KickassTorrents , 1337x , ExtraTorrent, and YTS are prominent torrent websites that are admired by most tech-savvy people. Unfortunately, none of these BitTorrent sites differentiate between legally and illegally shared content.

Thankfully, the aforementioned problem can be resolved using completely free and legal torrent websites. As the name implies, legal torrenting sites only host legitimate movies, music, ebooks, TV shows, games, and software.

Any sort of content acquired from legal download sites won’t infringe on someone’s copyright.

In this article, I have compiled a list of legalized free torrent download sites. The websites listed in this post can come in handy for downloading 100% free and legal torrents.

Table Of Contents

  • Best Websites For Legal Torrent Downloading
    • 1. Legit Torrents
    • 2. Public Domain Torrents
    • 3. Linux Tracker
    • 4. Internet Archive
    • 5. BitTorrent Now
    • 6. Miro Guide
    • 7. Vuze StudioHD Network
    • 8. Etree

    Best Websites For Legal Torrent Downloading

    As you might have understood by now, top legal torrent sites only host completely legal content and they do not indulge themselves in the act of piracy or copyright infringement.

    You won’t find the major releases, illegally acquired software, and mainstream games on these legal websites.

    Legal Torrenting Websites
    Legit Torrents
    Public Domain Torrents
    Linux Tracker
    Internet Archive
    BitTorrent Now
    Miro Guide
    Vuze StudioHD Network

    You can simply copy-paste the URLs to access any of the aforementioned lawful and free torrenting websites. Here’s a detailed description of every single website in the table.

    1. Legit Torrents

    With more than 4,800 legally downloadable files, Legit Torrents is a trustworthy legitimate torrent website. The 100% legal torrent downloading website hosts shows, Linux distro, videos, music, ebooks, games, software, anime, and data sets.

    Legit Torrents

    Based on your preference, you can filter your search results by opting for the active-only option. Legit Torrents also has a forum using which you find answers to simple questions like “How To Start Uploading?”

    Once again I want to state that, legit torrents? or any other legal torrenting sites don’t offer the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

    2. Public Domain Torrents

    The name says it all, Public Domain Torrents features classical movies and low-budget commercial motion pictures in the public domain. Free legal torrents on PDT are categorized on the basis of movie genres.


    To access the free torrents you don’t need any sort of membership. However, in order to be a part of forums and post comments, it’s important to create an account.

    Websites like The Pirate Bay that offer illegal torrents are generally blocked in many countries and regions. Luckily, that is not the case with licit torrenting websites and they are available worldwide.

    Unfortunately, speeds on the free movie torrents downloads website are generally slow.

    3. Linux Tracker

    If you consider yourself a Linux buff, then straight away bookmark Linux Tracker. The Linux Bittorrent Website has been operational and tracking Linux torrents from the past 12 years.


    Linux Trackers display the added time, size, and category of every open-source torrent. The ‘seed wanted torrents’ section helps active users to give back to the community and help each other out.

    Lastly, there’s a Top Torrents section on this website using which you can browse and download some of the best Linux distro torrents.

    4. Internet Archive

    It won’t be wrong to consider Internet Archive and Public Domain Torrents to be unofficial sister websites. The enormous collection of 9,674 videos from the movies archive section makes the Internet Archive one of the safest torrent sites to download free movies on the Internet.


    Alike Public Domain Torrents, the Internet Archive mostly features public domain movies and shows. Besides movies, the torrents section of the Internet Archive consists of 1,225,491 ebooks, and 127,383 items from the music and audio section of the Archive.

    Do note that these numbers are gathered from 2012 data and they have grown exponentially since then.

    5. BitTorrent Now

    BitTorrent is the primary technology that is utilized by every existing peer-to-peer file-sharing website. The company behind this technology has a legit torrent website namely BitTorrent Now.


    In order to enhance the content library of BitTorrent Now, the official BitTorrent client has partnered with content creators. On this website, you will get access to numerous free and legal music torrents, movie torrents, and audiobooks torrents.

    The modern and very well-developed material user interface is another major highlight of BitTorrent Now is its. Lastly, this top legal torrent site also has native Android, iOS, and Apple TV applications.

    6. Miro Guide

    Miro Guide is the next member of the completely free and legal torrent list. The open-source and non-profit website mostly hosts audio and video-based content. The Internet TV player can be used to both stream and download legit content.


    Dedicated sections namely Editor’s Picks, New, and Top Rated make the process of exploring content a breeze. Apart from movies and music, the Miro Guide also offers podcasts in many different languages.

    As a matter of fact, the Miro Guide is often referred to as the most feature-packed podcast torrent. Lastly, the lawful torrenting website offers a detailed description of the content available on the platform.

    7. Vuze StudioHD Network

    The next best safe website for downloading video and music-based content is Vuze StudioHD Network. You can even download TED Talks, Tekzilla, and music videos from this platform.


    On its homepage, you will find the Our Favorites, Most Popular Videos, and Newest Videos section. Videos on this safe torrent website are nicely segregated into different sections like Comedy Featured Content, Games and TechGirls, Motors, and Sports Music Videos.

    So before downloading any torrent file you can even gather complete information for that particular torrent file on this platform.

    8. Etree

    Lastly, we have the perfect website for audiophiles who love listening to live concrete recordings. Numerous trade-friendly artists have shared their live concerts on Etree. You can even gather several FLAC-quality live recordings on this website.


    Etree showcases the date added, size, coupled with the direct download link for every album on the platform.

    Do All Torrent Websites Provide Illegal Content?

    No, not all torrent websites provide illegal content. As you might have understood by now, BitTorrent can be used for downloading both legal and illegal content. Consequently, there are certain websites that offer completely free and non-copyrighted content.


    So these were some of the best legit torrenting sites out there. Do share any of your personal recommendations in the comments section below.

    For our readers, we will continue to update this article as more and more websites start emerging.


    RIP Legit Torrents 2005-2023

    TL;DR – The server was null routed at the host and with no time and no 1 click way spin it up again I decided to throw in the towel. The rest is a fun look back.

    I started Legit Torrents in the Fall of 2005. I was still in high school and back then there was no 100% legal torrent tracker that anyone could easily submit to. There was, but if memory serves me correctly, it was more of a curated thing.

    I was super cheap back then, not even wanting to shell out for a domain name, so the original URL was Eventually I bought the .info for $0.99 after the site picked up some speed a few months later.

    After some convincing, my brother was kind enough to be my 3rd user (after the default admin account and my own personal user account) and obliged me in posting comments to make it seem more lively. Thanks bro.

    A few more shout outs to the XBT project that provided the high performance backend, as well as the XBTIT project for the front end which is still going strong.

    I ran it out of my bedroom at my parents house for a long time, started on an old Pentium 3 under my desk. Another big shoutout to my friend Aaron who gave me his only computer, I believe an Athlon 64, which upgraded the sever for a few more years. That was epic. Eventually I switched over to a VPS sometime when I moved out.

    I cannot state enough how much I learned from running this site and others. Way better than a degree in my opinion. Web development, marketing, server administration, ect. It was one of my first exposures to implementing SEO (SEO is what I now do for a living), which funny enough was mostly copied tags from The Pirate Bay and modified to be about legal torrents instead.

    The early days was where a lot of time was spent trying to tell people about the website. Some of my fondest memories are of being at school on (back before the v4 fiasco of course) and posting comments to the Upcoming / Hot section where stories were at right before they hit the front page. Almost always the first comments in the thread would become the top comments, with no way to sort, and I would always sign my comment with Then later I would come back and check the Google Analytics stats to see those sweet sweet traffic spikes.

    This site was also how I made my first dollar online. Google Adsense was profitable on the site for many years, earning me some really nice pay checks here and there. That is, until I got my Adsense account banned by trying out some too good to be true website purchases that turned out to be using fraudulent clicks. Since there there has been next to no profit, and that was years ago.

    Later on I redesigned the site to have a very cool custom Web 2.0 style, something I worked quite diligently on after graduating from a local college. I left it that way from then on and I still think it’s pretty rad.

    I had a routine in the early years, to check through a list of sites for new torrents to add to my site. I had always wanted to automate it, but never succeeded in doing so. Being a digital hoarder has it perks though, and that folder is still a part of my bookmarks. Looking through it most of them are dead of course, but a few of my favorites were:

    • PlaneShift
    • Revision3
    • Pure Pwnage
    • Cube 2: Sauerbraten
    • Linuxtracker
    • Public Domain Torrents

    Of course, I always enjoyed seeing what super random things people would upload also.

    I helped my friends launch an album that they produced, which I had “pinned” to the torrents page for a long time. Not sure it really helped them gain international fame or anything, but it was cool to see people download and enjoy the music. Someone kept seeding or trying to download it it recently actually which was entertaining since it was from 2008 I think.

    One time I got a take down from “The Web-Sheriff” and used it as a chance to get some publicity. Probably not the right thing to do, but that turned into an article on TorrentFreak, which I thought was pretty cool to be on.

    In the end there were about ~50,000 registered users, ~5,500 torrents, ~22M tracked pageviews over the course of time. It doesn’t seem like much when its typed out like that, at least compared to platforms nowadays, but pretty cool still.

    It’s not an easy thing to say goodbye to this silly site. It has been a part of my entire adult life. For ~17 years it was always there for me to check on, moderate, and take care of. It had me feeling like I was doing a part of something good for the internet I suppose. That is confirmed as I look through mentions of the site with a Google search.

    If you ever used Legit Torrents, I sincerely hope it helped you. My mission in life is love Jesus and love others, and I think Legit Torrents did that in some weird techy way.

    If you have something to share about the site, please drop me a line, I would love to hear it: en3r0[DOT]x[AT]gmail[DOT]com .

    Top 5 Legal Torrenting Sites

    The best legal torrent sites

    The first thing that comes to mind for many when thinking of torrents is the sharing of copyrighted materials. The real economic effects of online piracy are not clear, and people discuss them for decades. Still, countless people find themselves in a courtroom after sharing copyrighted files.

    It’s important to remember that P2P filesharing, in itself, is entirely ethical and legal. It’s merely a method of file transit that has the potential to be abused. There are plenty of legal torrent sites that host hard-to-find content. P2P communities can be used to keep content available when it wouldn’t be profitable for a centralized file host to keep it. These are a few sites where you can get such torrents.

    Table of Contents show

    The famed, also known as “The Internet Archive” has been preserving cultural and artistic history for decades. It also maintains databases of long-closed websites, such as Yahoo’s old GeoCities, that otherwise would only be memories now. There are many public domain movies, TV shows, comics, music, and other media that are 100% legal available on the site.

    The archive torrents website

    Unfortunately, since the project has no advertisements and hosts giant files, there is an enormous strain on their available resources. That is why the site encourages users to use torrents to get larger files. Some of their huge files are only available via their torrent page. is considered the most stable, legal preserver of public domain content. As file sizes grow larger and bandwidth grows more expensive, P2P is one of the few solutions that will pan out in the long run. That’s because it utilizes Internet resources of those uploading and downloading rather than the servers themselves.

    Legit Torrents

    Legit Torrents has a very similar look and feel to torrent sites that are a bit less scrupulous. Advertised as containing completely free media, moderators review all torrents to ensure that they don’t include copyrighted content. Though dwarfs Legit Torrents with respect to search options and site design, Legit Torrents gives users the same experience they would have on illegal torrent sites without the risk.

    Legit torrents specializes in software

    Although the site states that it hosts torrents of all kinds of media, one type dominates: operating systems and software. Many Linux distributions are hosted here and can be downloaded much faster than through the Linux projects’ sites. For example, it has the Windows 1.0 source, which has been made public domain.

    Unlike, torrents are sorted by the date they were uploaded. Many people visiting the site for the first time may get the impression that it has nothing of use. After all, you’re likely to see indie music and other odd content you’re probably not looking to download. It looks like content gets approved in spurts, so releases of things like new Linux distributions may not be available on the same date.

    However, by taking advantage of the search function, users can find and download many torrents containing similar content to those found on

    Public Domain Torrents

    Public Domain Torrents has a nearly infinite load of valuable, public domain content. Its main detractor is that the site looks like it was designed three decades ago. Though the site takes some getting used to, it’s packed with movies. Unlike services like, this is its sole focus.

    A list of movies on public domain torrents

    Users are free to comment on torrents, improve upon what’s available, and interact. This makes for more of a community atmosphere. For example, many of their movies are ripped from DVDs purchased at stores, but they’re in old formats or low quality. Other users who see this often upload higher quality versions of the same movie to provide everyone with a better viewing experience.

    This site also focuses on explaining to novice users how to use torrents in an ethical manner. It also offers live, streaming versions of most torrents on its site. Public Domain Torrents is a great resource as long as you’re willing to invest some time and energy and want to watch some older movies.


    You probably know this name because of the Vuze BitTorrent client. This torrent page is offered by the same team. It’s completely legal and it has a unique interface. It looks like an older desktop app and contains a variety of media ready to download. Vuze doesn’t cater to mostly either old content or movies, unlike most sites in this list.

    The Vuze torrent site

    Users can download almost anything, from indie music, to podcasts, to independent films. Notably, popular and modern content is also available legally. For example, some prominent MSNBC newscast team members have agreements with Vuze to host news snippets as torrents on the platform.

    Out of all the sites, Vuze takes the cake for having the most diversity in types of content. It doesn’t have the sheer volume that has, but its nature is quite different. For example, no other torrent site would have the category “Girls, Motors, and Sports” like Vuze does. This torrent archive’s entire purpose is to provide unique, engaging, and entertaining content to its audience.

    At first, Vuze was supposed to be an embedded portion in the P2P client. Eventually, it broke off into its own website due to popular demand because of the bizarre but entertaining content it has. It’s perfect for those looking for unique content on torrents that isn’t too serious!


    Though somewhat obscure, Etree has managed to make a splash in the P2P scene. As many recall, the first attempt to curtail music piracy was through various music organizations and record labels suing downloaders. Back then, services like Napster openly allowed unlawful sharing of music files.

    Etree music torrents

    Etree is a tribute to the old music torrenting sites with a twist: it only hosts torrents to music that anyone can legally upload and download. Called “trade-friendly artists” by the site, some musicians share their works for free, hoping to attract more fans. The band “The Grateful Dead” is an excellent example of that.

    With a similar look as older piracy sites did, Etree isn’t too advanced. But it has just about every discography that it could legally have. Moreover, there’s an active community surrounding it. The main reason that music files are required to be shared as torrents is that many are FLAC files. These are fully lossless audio files with quite a big file size, making it infeasible to host on servers.

    Many so-called “audiophiles” would enjoy this site. It’s a unique opportunity to hear music in the best quality possible, provided one has the proper listening equipment.


    Many see lists of legal torrent sites and are disappointed because of a perceived lack of content. For example, you won’t see the latest theater releases available for sharing on these sites.

    However, they provide entertainment of a different form. With virtually limitless sources, anyone can find a song, movie, book, or other media item that stands out and has meaning.

    If you have issues with downloading content on websites that share pirate files, this list might be for you.

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