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Red Ventures does not encourage or condone the illegal duplication or distribution of copyrighted content.

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shelbybrown Nov 7, 2008

Aside from being a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol, BitTorrent is also the name of the official software used to connect to the BitTorrent network. BitTorrent hadn’t seen a major update in about two years, but that was before it bought out uTorrent. Now, adopting its new sibling’s interface has completely reinvigorated the original BitTorrent client.

Previously, BT had lacked features that other torrent innovators had spent time testing and investing in. Now, in one fell swoop, BT has access to everything it lacked. You can pick which files in a torrent you want to download, throttle your Internet connection to suit your whims, muck about with the Web UI and, basically, do everything that uTorrent can do.

There’s an RSS tracker and search bar, just like in uTorrent, but there’s where we encounter one key difference. Where uTorrent’s search takes you to the MiniNova torrent site, BitTorrent’s goes to, a pay-for-most-content site. There’s also a menu bar item in the BitTorrent client called Get Stuff, with links to Movies, TV, Music, and Games at the BitTorrent content site.

Without a doubt, BitTorrent has taken drastic steps to reverse course and unsink its sinking ship. Although BT still eats more memory than its new sibling, it’s hogging significantly less than before. The install file reflects the new code, shrinking from nearly 6MB for version 5 to less than 1MB for version 6.

BT also comes with a small piece of software called DNA. The BT site calls it protocol for “Delivery Network Acceleration,” but beyond a nebulous description, it’s hard to tell what exactly it does.


BitTorrent is a torrent client that will enable you to download torrents, upload them, subscribe to RSS feeds, and connect to Apple or Android devices and your consoles.

It was the first torrent client in the world. It was created on a peer-to-peer basis where users would download torrents from the internet using peers, providing them with the necessary download speeds to get these files.

Over the years, this technology has evolved, and BitTorrent is still the main Torrent client.

Download and CreateTorrents

Of course, the primary function of this application is to help you with downloads of torrents, but you’ll also be able to create them and upload them to the internet.

For downloading a torrent, you’ll need to have a magnet file with the torrent extension to start the download. After that, you’ll see the download speeds, number of peers and seeds, and more.

But you’ll also be able to create torrents so that other people can download them. You will be able to add files to the torrent you make, and then you’ll be able to upload it to one of the torrent sites on the internet. You’ll also be able to add information about the torrent and add comments, and more.

Additional Settings and Features

Among the additional features, we should also mention the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds using this tool and create and view ratings and comments about the torrent, which are added by the torrent users that they have downloaded.

What is more, this application also offers you the ability to control your downloads fully. For instance, you’ll be able to change download and upload speeds and limit them.

You’ll also be able to create labels for torrents you’re downloading, change the priority status of a torrent, and make sure that the torrent downloads faster when you wish.


BitTorrent is one of the first torrent clients that offers you advanced tools and the ability to download torrents from other people, as it comes with both basic and advanced tools for torrent management and downloads.