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Just a great service. I’m very pleased

Encrypt.me not a great value as part of the Secure+ package

New Eero Pro 6E owner here. I just purchased the Eero Secure+ package because the value seemed good with Encrypt.me VPN, Malwarebytes, and the 1Password Family package. But, after just a few days of using Encrypt.me, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I may have made a bad decision.

Most google searches with Encrypt.me “protecting” my Apple devices return the following error from Google, forcing me to do the annoying Captcha routine to complete a search: “Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network.” I have used plenty of VPN’s in the past (VyprVPN, NordVPN, etc.) and have never seen this type of issue. They just work.

Very frustrating, to say the least, and I just read that Encrypt.me was sold last year and is not a highly supported product. It’s causing me to wonder if the Secure+ package is really worth the “upgrade” over Eero Secure for $29.99/year since I really don’t need the 1Password families package and could just buy the standard version.

Encrypt.me Reviews

Having lived in a country where access to information and internet safety/security was limited, encrypt.me helped facilitating to reach platforms otherwise not available.

Date of experience : August 05, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Aug 22, 2023

Just a great service

Just a great service. I’m very pleased

Date of experience : August 14, 2023

Aug 13, 2023

It works well

It works well, though I have no idea just how anonymous it makes me.

Date of experience : August 12, 2023

Apr 12, 2022

Long time user.

I have been using Encryt.me since it’s inception years ago. It has steadily improved. Totally transparent, easy to use. Lately, I have encountered one WiFi network at a hotel that wasn’t compatible. It was slow anyway, so used the mobile network. We generally use it on our travels not at home. Last time we traveled overseas to Portugal Encrypt.me worked splendidly. Bravo.
Happy User

Date of experience : April 12, 2022

May 1, 2022

Encrypt.me is an excellent vpn service

Encrypt.me is an excellent vpn service. I’m very happy with its service. It’s simple to use and trustworthy. Strong and secure connections, friendly customer service and easy to use app. If you have family or team account, you can get your own isolated private vpn server with a dedicated ip address. Trust me, having a private vpn server is a plus! I’ve been using Encrypt.me for years and haven’t had any problems.

Date of experience : May 01, 2022

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Nov 25, 2020

We are a small business and needed a…

We are a small business and needed a VPN solution with a private endpoint (private IP). We chose encrypt.me for not only its reliable, fast connection across different devices and platforms, but their customer support team – they are the most helpful and very fast to respond should we raise a query

Date of experience : November 25, 2020

Jun 14, 2020

easy to set up and use

easy to set up and use – pretty much takes care of itself once its running – support if you need it is fantastic – price is pretty comparable on an annual basis – protection on unprotected networks is automatic and at least gives me peace of mind! Thanks Guys!

Date of experience : June 14, 2020

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Nov 15, 2019

Secure Reliable Service

Secure reliable service with a clean easy to use app. Im on the mini-plan which meets my needs. Ive used the service for years. Yhey recently had public security audit which is also adds the credibility of the service and very important in climate of cyber security for a VPN service – you never know who’s harvesting your data.

Date of experience : November 15, 2019

Oct 14, 2019

Security in a friendly package

I travel a lot so I’m often on airport wi fi. I’d like to be secure but am only a semi tech savy person so can’t handle a complicated VPN to achieve that security. Encrypt.me gives me the security I want in a friendly package I can handle – and if I ever need tech support – I get to interact with a real person.

Date of experience : October 14, 2019

Aug 13, 2019

Easy to use, very reliable

For someone who isn’t interested in complicating their lives, this is the perfect VPN. It doesn’t get in the way, is super reliable, and doesn’t slow your device down to a crawl the way many other VPN’s do. Encrypt.me is perfect for the casual user, anyone who travels, or works on their devices in places with public WiFi. I keep Encrypt.me on by default, and I don’t even notice a difference in performance unless I am at home and pushing my system to perform at top speeds doing multiple things at once. I don’t know if Encrypt.me is right for the super paranoid and privacy minded. For international spy level protection, a VPN must be located in one of those countries that refuses to cooperate with American law enforcement, and I don’t think this is the case for Encrypt.me. But then again, if you’re an international spy, you probably have a nifty system of your own already.

Date of experience : August 13, 2019

Updated Mar 10, 2020

Th Best I Have Used!

The best I have used. As best I can tell, it’s working well. One verifiable difference from others I have used is it remains ”on”. I never have to look for Encrypt.me app to activate unless I have purposely turned it off, and I cannot recall having to do that. Even after I reboot my iPhone and iPad, it is active without my having to do anything.

Date of experience : March 10, 2020

Aug 13, 2019

Perfect for privacy

Very convenient, does what it should. Some problems with maintaining connection to Wifi-networks and reconnecting, but this is most likely due to the local network, not encrypt.me. They’re perfect for privacy.

Date of experience : August 13, 2019

Apr 18, 2023

I’ve used encrypt.me for years. Love it!

I’ve used encrypt.me for years (since before the name change, LOL). It’s a great service. Lightweight, does what I need without extra cruft or annoyance.

Date of experience : April 17, 2023

Sep 24, 2019

I update your app when updates are…

I update your app when updates are avail. The auto-on in unknown places works every time. I haven’t had a detectable breach.
I’m not a power user. But privacy & security are high priorities.

Date of experience : September 24, 2019