The List of CyberGhost’s Servers

Both services offer plenty of VPN protocols, but VyprVPN provides the Chameleon protocol for overcoming VPN-blocking efforts in restrictive regions. This is a handy feature for international users facing censorship.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN 2023: The Winner Is Cost-Effective and Feature-Rich

CyberGhost provides competitive pricing and an expansive server network, while VyprVPN shines for its advanced security features and generous device limit.

Ryan L. Clancy , Author
Steph Trejos , Editor
Last updated Aug 16, 2023

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Best for broad geographical coverage


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On CyberGhost’s website

  • Cheaper than ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark
  • Optimized servers for regional streaming
  • No split tunneling feature

Best for large households


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On VyprVPN’s website

  • Impressive security features
  • 24/7 support
  • Netflix is tricky to access

In the quest for online privacy and unrestricted digital access, choosing the right virtual private network (VPN) can make all the difference. If you’ve narrowed your options down to CyberGhost and VyprVPN, you’re already on the right track. Both VPN providers offer robust privacy tools, user-friendly interfaces, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions. So the choice between these two titans boils down to your needs and preferences.

CyberGhost emerges as a top contender for those who prioritize an extensive network and a budget-friendly option. On the other hand, VyprVPN shines for individuals looking for advanced security features and a greater simultaneous connection count. We’ll delve into a detailed comparison of the two VPNs to help you decide the best fit for you.

In this article

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN at a glance

While both CyberGhost and VyprVPN are renowned for their advanced features and reliability, they serve unique demographics. CyberGhost, with its sprawling network of 7,000-plus servers, is an excellent choice for users seeking extensive global coverage and seamless streaming, even for geographically restricted content like Netflix.

VyprVPN, which supports a higher maximum number of simultaneous connections (10 vs. 7 from CyberGhost), proves to be a superior choice for larger households.

  • CyberGhost: Best for broad geographical coverage
  • VyprVPN: Best for large households and privacy purists

How do CyberGhost and VyprVPN compare?

Price $2.19–$12.99/mo $5.00-$10.00/mo
Max # of connected devices 7 10
24/7 customer support
Compatibility Windows macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, routers, smart devices, gaming consoles, browser extensions Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, routers, smart devices
# of servers 7,000+ 700+
VPN protocol OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, Chameleon, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP
No-logs policy
Unblocks Netflix?
Learn more Get CyberGhost

Prices as of 07/12/2023.

Although VyprVPN offers slightly higher pricing compared to CyberGhost (starting at $5.00/mo), it allows up to 10 connected devices simultaneously. This is an attractive feature for larger households or small businesses. Meanwhile, CyberGhost’s lower price tag of $2.19/mo and a rich repertoire of compatibility — including common operating systems, browser extensions, and even gaming consoles — present a budget-friendly, versatile solution for the average consumer.

When comparing server quantity, CyberGhost holds a definitive edge with over 7,000 servers, significantly outnumbering VyprVPN’s network of over 700 servers. More servers generally equate to less traffic and more reliable connections.

Both services offer plenty of VPN protocols, but VyprVPN provides the Chameleon protocol for overcoming VPN-blocking efforts in restrictive regions. This is a handy feature for international users facing censorship.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN: prices

Best Value
Prices as of 07/12/2023.

When it comes to pricing, CyberGhost and VyprVPN offer competitive rates. CyberGhost ranges from a monthly low of $2.19/mo to a high of $12.99/mo, the former being the 2-year plan’s monthly cost. If you’re planning to commit to a VPN service for the long haul, this pricing strategy can help you save money on a VPN. CyberGhost also offers an exceptionally generous 45-day money-back guarantee, providing ample time to test out the service and see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

VyprVPN’s plans range from $5.00-$10.00/mo. The best value lies in the 1-year plan plan, which comes in at $5.00/mo. While this isn’t as low as CyberGhost’s cheapest plan, it’s still a solid price for a one-year commitment. VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing a safety net for those unsure about committing to the service.

Winner: When it comes to pricing, CyberGhost takes the crown. Its 2 Years + 2 Months plan’s monthly cost is significantly lower than that of VyprVPN’s best-value plan. Furthermore, CyberGhost’s 45-day money-back guarantee offers a longer evaluation period compared to VyprVPN’s 30-day policy.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN: features

Best Features
Data as of 07/12/2023.

CyberGhost and VyprVPN both offer a suite of impressive features to enhance your VPN experience and maintain high levels of security. Both services have a strong commitment to privacy as evidenced by their stringent no-logging policies. CyberGhost, headquartered in Romania, and VyprVPN, headquartered in Switzerland, both operate from countries with favorable privacy laws and are out of reach of the invasive 14 Eyes Alliance.

Both services use the industry-preferred AES 256-bit encryption, ensuring optimal security for your data. At the time of writing, CyberGhost only offers split tunneling with Android, while VyprVPN offers this function on all devices. According to its website, CyberGhost will be bringing split tunneling to additional devices soon, but no date is mentioned.

Selecting All servers in CyberGhost VPN lets you access over 7,000 servers across the world.

However, CyberGhost has an advantage due to the number of servers it has worldwide, boasting over 7,000 servers in more than 90 countries. This extensive coverage ensures a better chance of securing a fast and stable connection no matter where users are located. It also offers specialty servers for torrenting, streaming, gaming, and more. In contrast, VyprVPN operates a network of over 700 servers in more than 70 countries.

As far as VPN protocols, both providers offer industry-standard protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2. Additionally, VyprVPN brings its proprietary Chameleon protocol to the table, which offers improved obfuscation capabilities — a key feature for users in countries like China where VPN usage is restricted or monitored.

The VyprVPN app open on the page with all of its available VPN protocols.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN: streaming support

Best Streaming

During our Netflix tests, both CyberGhost and VyprVPN had some trouble connecting to Netflix. With CyberGhost, we ran into multiple errors and slow loading while trying to access Netflix. With VyprVPN, we weren’t able to access Netflix on the first try and had to reach out to support.

As far as other streaming services, CyberGhost couldn’t unblock Hulu or Prime Video with the Amazon Fire TV Stick app. However, VyprVPN users reported that it wasn’t able to unblock Hulu, Disney+, or HBO Max.

Winner: CyberGhost and VyprVPN have similar features, although CyberGhost has a much larger server network. CyberGhost is also the better choice for streaming support as it offers access to more services than VyprVPN and has a higher success rate in terms of unblocking them. We’ll give the win to CyberGhost.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN: internet speeds

Internet speed is a crucial factor when choosing a VPN. A comprehensive VPN service should secure your online data without significantly affecting your internet speed. We conducted speed tests on CyberGhost and VyprVPN using servers in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN speed test results

Best Speeds

VyprVPN didn’t affect download speeds nearly as much as CyberGhost. VyprVPN even gave us faster download speeds than our baseline while connected to servers in the U.S. and Australia. However, CyberGhost provided faster upload speeds for every location.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN latency comparison

Best Latency

Latency, or ping, is the delay (in milliseconds) that occurs when your device sends information to the server and back. Lower latency ensures smoother and faster communication with servers, which is vital for activities like gaming, video conferencing, or streaming live events.

Ping times increased noticeably for both providers as well. However, VyprVPN’s latency increased tremendously in every location, from 717% up to 1,870% worse latency. CyberGhost affected latency much less than VyprVPN’s, coming in at 43% to 211% worse than its baseline latency. While using a VPN often increases latency due to the additional routing and encryption, the best VPNs minimize this delay as much as possible.

Winner: If speed is a priority for you, then VyprVPN is definitely the better option. If you take VyprVPN’s latency issues into account, CyberGhost might be the better choice if you’re specifically looking for a VPN for online gaming. We’re calling this a narrow win for VyprVPN but be sure to consider its latency rates.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN: compatibility and ease of use

Best Interface

In terms of compatibility, both CyberGhost and VyprVPN perform admirably, supporting VPN apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and even smart devices and routers. This wide device support ensures that no matter your device of choice, both VPNs have got you covered.

When it comes to the user interface, CyberGhost stands out with its sleek, intuitive design that makes it a breeze for even beginners to navigate. The VPN settings are well-organized and easy to locate, which enhances user-friendliness. On the other hand, VyprVPN offers a more compact interface with all key features within easy reach. However, some users may find the settings a bit clustered, particularly on smaller-screen devices.

Winner: While both VPNs support a broad spectrum of devices, CyberGhost edges out VyprVPN for its user interface. Its easy-to-navigate design and clear presentation of settings make it a more user-friendly choice.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN: customer service

Best Support

Customer service is an important aspect of any VPN service. You may need assistance in troubleshooting or addressing any queries. Both CyberGhost and VyprVPN stand out by offering 24/7 live chat support, email support, support forums, and an abundance of online guides to help users navigate through any issues they might face.

Our interactions with the customer service teams of both VPNs were overall positive, with quick response times, professional conduct, and comprehensive solutions provided to our inquiries.

CyberGhost vs. VyprVPN: payment options

When it comes to payment options, diversity can be an advantage, not just for convenience but also for maintaining user privacy. CyberGhost supports a wider range of payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency (which allows users to pay anonymously). VyprVPN, while offering a somewhat less diverse set of options, covers the most common methods, including credit and debit cards and PayPal.

CyberGhost payment options

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Amazon Pay
  • BitPay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

VyprVPN payment options

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • UnionPay

Winner: In terms of customer service, both VPNs offer a comprehensive and responsive support system. However, when it comes to payment methods, CyberGhost edges out the competition with a broader array of options, including cryptocurrency, which caters to users seeking anonymity in their transactions.

The List of CyberGhost’s Servers

CyberGhost’s server network is pretty impressive. They currently run 9239 servers in 94 countries, and it’s a number that goes up by leaps and bounds nearly every time I check. Over the last several months, for example, CyberGhost has added hundreds of new servers. As it stands, their count is second only to Private Internet Access and higher than big name providers like NordVPN.

And CyberGhost’s servers are no slouches either, as shown by their impressive speed test results.

While the 94 countries offered by CyberGhost is not the largest, it is starting to be not that far off. It’s certainly higher than average and big enough to cover every single location I would ever want to connect to.

If a country you’re looking for is not on CyberGhost’s list, I recommend you take a look at PureVPN. They’re a VPN service that is at the head of the pack when it comes to geographical diversity.

I broke down all of CyberGhost’s servers by world region into the tables below. Each region table shows the country, cities and server counts for that specific location. All the information can be sorted by any column to make things a bit more accessible.

Some CyberGhost servers are also optimized for P2P and are marked as such. That doesn’t mean torrenting or P2P are not allowed on any of the other servers – they are. However, the optimized servers will give you faster download speeds.

If you like what you see and are interested in trying CyberGhost out, they’re currently running a couple of excellent promotions. They’re pretty deep discounts that I suspect could go away soon.

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North America

There are 1807 CyberGhost servers in North America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Canada . P2P Optimized 450
Canada Montreal P2P Optimized 266
Canada Toronto P2P Optimized 92
Canada Vancouver P2P Optimized 92
Mexico Mexico City P2P Optimized 50
United States . P2P Optimized 1307
United States Atlanta P2P Optimized 66
United States Chicago P2P Optimized 56
United States Dallas P2P Optimized 47
United States Las Vegas P2P Optimized 62
United States Los Angeles P2P Optimized 172
United States Miami P2P Optimized 83
United States New York P2P Optimized 369
United States Phoenix P2P Optimized 51
United States San Francisco P2P Optimized 45
United States Seattle P2P Optimized 50
United States Washington P2P Optimized 306


There are a very impressive 5911 CyberGhost servers in Europe.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Albania Tirana 34
Andorra Andorra P2P Optimized 36
Austria Vienna P2P Optimized 400
Belarus Minsk P2P Optimized 36
Belgium Brussels P2P Optimized 197
Bosnia Travnik P2P Optimized
Bulgaria Sofia P2P Optimized 29
Croatia Zagreb P2P Optimized
Cyprus Nicosia P2P Optimized
Czech Republic Prague P2P Optimized 50
Denmark Copenhagen P2P Optimized 56
Estonia Tallinn P2P Optimized 24
Finland Helsinki P2P Optimized 40
France . P2P Optimized 825
France Marseille P2P Optimized 84
France Paris P2P Optimized 639
France Strasbourg P2P Optimized 102
Germany . P2P Optimized 1547
Germany Berlin P2P Optimized 191
Germany Dusseldorf P2P Optimized 23
Germany Frankfurt P2P Optimized 1333
Greece Athens P2P Optimized 36
Greenland Nuuk P2P Optimized
Hungary Budapest P2P Optimized 24
Iceland Reykjavik P2P Optimized 24
Ireland Dublin P2P Optimized 100
Isle of Man Douglas P2P Optimized
Italy . P2P Optimized 210
Italy Milano P2P Optimized 142
Italy Rome P2P Optimized 68
Latvia Riga P2P Optimized 36
Liechtenstein Vaduz P2P Optimized 28
Lithuania Vilnius P2P Optimized 24
Luxembourg Luxembourg P2P Optimized 31
Macedonia Skopje 9
Malta Valletta P2P Optimized
Moldova Chisinau P2P Optimized 17
Monaco Monaco P2P Optimized
Montenegro Podgorica P2P Optimized
Netherlands Amsterdam P2P Optimized 276
Norway Oslo P2P Optimized 34
Poland Warsaw P2P Optimized 72
Portugal Lisbon P2P Optimized
Romania . P2P Optimized 143
Romania Bucharest P2P Optimized 122
Romania NoSpy Bucharest P2P Optimized 21
Russia Moscow P2P Optimized
Serbia Belgrade P2P Optimized 15
Slovakia Bratislava P2P Optimized 22
Slovenia Ljubljana 12
Spain . P2P Optimized 194
Spain Barcelona P2P Optimized 96
Spain Madrid P2P Optimized 60
Spain Valencia P2P Optimized 38
Sweden Stockholm P2P Optimized 100
Switzerland . P2P Optimized 158
Switzerland Huenenberg P2P Optimized 71
Switzerland Zurich P2P Optimized 87
Turkey Istanbul P2P Optimized 26
Ukraine Kiev P2P Optimized
United Kingdom . P2P Optimized 724
United Kingdom Berkshire P2P Optimized 82
United Kingdom London P2P Optimized 456
United Kingdom Manchester P2P Optimized 186

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The number of CyberGhost servers in Oceania is 226.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Australia . P2P Optimized 213
Australia Brisbane P2P Optimized 28
Australia Melbourne P2P Optimized 95
Australia Sydney P2P Optimized 90
New Zealand Auckland 13


The CyberGhost server list in Asia currently stands at 893.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Armenia Yerevan Virtual 26
Bangladesh Dhaka P2P Optimized 45
Cambodia Phnom Penh P2P Optimized 23
China Shenzhen P2P Optimized
Georgia Tbilisi P2P Optimized 28
Hong Kong Hong Kong P2P Optimized 74
India Mumbai P2P Optimized
Indonesia Jakarta P2P Optimized
Iran Tehran P2P Optimized
Israel Jerusalem P2P Optimized 51
Japan Tokyo P2P Optimized 109
Kazakhstan Astana P2P Optimized
Laos Vientiane P2P Optimized
Macau Macau Virtual 15
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur P2P Optimized 37
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar P2P Optimized 11
Myanmar Naypyidaw P2P Optimized 12
Nepal Kathmandu P2P Optimized 12
Pakistan Karachi Virtual 11
Philippines Manila P2P Optimized 70
Qatar Doha Virtual 14
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Virtual 14
Singapore Singapore 24
South Korea Seoul P2P Optimized
Sri Lanka Colombo P2P Optimized 44
Taiwan Taipei P2P Optimized 46
Thailand Bangkok P2P Optimized
United Arab Emirates Dubai 12
Vietnam Hanoi P2P Optimized 46

Central America

CyberGhost has 39 servers in Central America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Costa Rica San Jose P2P Optimized 24
Panama Panama City P2P Optimized

South America

There are 186 CyberGhost servers in South America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Argentina Buenos Aires P2P Optimized
Brazil Sao Paulo P2P Optimized 60
Chile Santiago Virtual 12
Colombia Bogota P2P Optimized 52
Venezuela Caracas P2P Optimized


CyberGhost has a total of 35 servers in the Caribbean.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Bahamas Nassau P2P Optimized


CyberGhost has 142 servers in Africa.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Algeria Algiers P2P Optimized 24
Egypt Cairo P2P Optimized
Kenya Nairobi P2P Optimized 10
Morocco Rabat P2P Optimized
Nigeria Lagos Virtual 13
South Africa Johannesburg P2P Optimized 29