Fastest and Safest VPN Server Countries (Top 6 Locations)

Canada has counterparts of the streaming service globally. Some of these streaming services are:

Best VPN for streaming services

for a while I was scouting reddit looking for the best vpn for streaming services and finally i’m posting myself to share my two cents!

I’m a netflix, disney + and hbo max user and like the majority of others, i like to explore the libraries of other countries. Before streaming services became my main source of content (movies, series as i finally dropped my cable contract last year) I didn’t know much about vpns, hence i scouted reddit.

I think reddit is a platform where people have extra strong opinions and priorities, so finding consensus on which vpn is the best was almost impossible lol. Taking the advantage of free trials (technically, the 30 day money back guarantee, it’s a bit of a hassle, but you just gotta be persistent and keep saying that you don’t need it anymore), I gave a shot to several most recommended.

Many love Mullvad, it seems great for security, but I found that for streaming it’s not so good. It’s not the fastest and compared to some of the other providers the number of servers is on the lower side. All in all I give it 6/10

I also read a a thread where OVPN was recommended a lot, I feel like it’s not a very big name. It actually works pretty good, but once again they do not have that many locations. It’s fast, it unlocks netflix libraries well, but yeah location list is a bummer. I might be able to look past that, but it’s also very pricey compared to others, so in the end it was a no from me. I’d say it’s still 8/10. Note: the refund policy is 10 days!

Many recommended nordvpn, but as I was looking around I saw that it’s merged with Surfshark which is cheaper than nord, but service seems to be just as good. It has over 3000 servers so locations are not a problem, it’s fast and so far i haven’t had any issues. Given the price and the quality, i give it 9/10 (as none of the vpns are perfect), that’s the one I stuck with.

Anyways, if you don’t feel like listening to me, my recommendation is to pay attention to number of locations, support availability and reviews on reddit while choosing your vpn for streaming.

Let me know which one you use and share your experiences! May this thread become useful for future searchers.

Fastest and Safest VPN Server Countries (Top 6 Locations)

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Table of Contents

  • 6 Best VPN Server Locations
    • 1. Switzerland – Privacy is a Priority
    • 2. The United States – Best for Streaming
    • 3. The United Kingdom – Reputable Speed
    • 4. Iceland – Great for Privacy and Speed
    • 5. Panama – Top Choice for Anonymity and Speed
    • 6. Canada – Notable for Gambling
    • Wrap Up

    VPN servers are vital for creating a stable VPN connection. These servers use various technologies to send user data packets to the website and route responses back to the user.

    For VPN servers to bypass geo-blockings , censorship, etc., it use different locations to hide your IP address or original location. Due to this, VPN server locations carry data on the following:

    • Internet speed
    • Data protection
    • Content libraries
    • Response time

    You’ll enjoy these VPN perks if you choose the correct country as your location.

    In this article, learn about the fastest and safest VPN Server countries you can choose from. Also, grasp what these locations can offer about privacy, speed, and more.

    �� Key Takeaways:

    • VPN servers hide the user’s location and help bypass internet restrictions by using different locations to send data packets.
    • It would help to look at some factors for a good VPN server location. A few of them are proximity, privacy, and internet infrastructure.
    • Five countries around the world are the best VPN server locations. They are Switzerland, The US, The UK, Iceland, Panama, and Canada.
    • Switzerland prioritizes privacy, and it has a law named FADP. This law is firm with how companies access data and what type of data they collect.
    • The VPN server country that is best for streaming is the US. It has access to almost all platforms globally. These platforms are Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, etc.
    • The United Kingdom has an average broadband speed of 102.24 Mbps. Thanks to the Digital Economy Act of 2017, which ensures quality digital connectivity.
    • For both speed and anonymity, Panama is the top choice. Several data protection laws make Panama a safe space for journalists and whistleblowers.
    • Canada has a variety of gambling sites and relaxed laws while also protecting freedom of speech and the press.

    6 Best VPN Server Locations

    The fastest and safest VPN server countries can serve the most streaming, internet infrastructure, etc. The best VPN server locations are in the following countries:

    • Switzerland
    • The US
    • The UK
    • Iceland
    • Panama
    • Canada
    • Germany
    • Romania

    In choosing a reliable VPN server country, it’s best to look at the following factors:

    • The server is geographically near you
    • A location’s digital infrastructure
    • The VPN server count in a country
    • Data and privacy laws

    Learn more about these VPN server locations as you continue reading.

    �� Did You Know?

    One of the common myths about VPNs is that you only need them when planning something illegal. Instead, most people use VPNs to protect themselves from cyberattacks when using public Wi-Fi connections.

    1. Switzerland – Privacy is a Priority

    A screenshot of Switzerland’s image


    This VPN server country is perfect for those mindful of their privacy. Switzerland is the safest VPN server country because of its favorable data privacy regulations.

    Read on and discover more about this server country.


    Switzerland, not part of the 14-eyes alliance, places great importance on personal privacy. Additionally, this country is not a part of the EU, so it doesn’t have to observe the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Due to this, Switzerland has its own law to protect internet users.

    This country’s Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) protects persons’ rights and privacy when their information is under process. FADP is firm with the following:

    • Information types the companies collect
    • Who has access to the data
    • What kind of process does the data undergo

    �� Definition:

    14-eyes alliance refers to countries that agreed to share intelligence. These countries include:


    This VPN server country’s average broadband internet speed is 229.96 Mbps .


    Movies and TV show platforms like Netflix, Disney, and YouTube are available on the Switzerland server. What could be unavailable are some local news broadcasts.

    Internet Infrastructure

    Switzerland’s internet infrastructure consists mainly of fiber optic networks, with some rural areas lacking coverage. This structure makes the internet speed excellent for mobile and broadband, mainly in urban areas.


    It’s legal to download copyrighted material for personal use in Switzerland. However, sharing the material is illegal.

    2. The United States – Best for Streaming

    Image of the US with the Statue of Liberty

    Source: acutrans

    The US is the best choice if you’re looking for a VPN server location to stream shows. Learn more about this location in the following sections.


    The United States is a member of the 14-eyes alliance. Personal privacy laws vary from state to federal level, creating a gray area for maintaining privacy in this country.

    The good thing is that California has enacted the Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This law imposes restrictions on collecting, using, and sharing personal information. As of 2023, states like Colorado and Virginia are introducing privacy laws.


    203.81 Mbps is the US’s average broadband internet speed.


    To access geo-blocked shows, connecting with the United States is best. Be it news, sports, series, or other forms of content, the US is the best location for streaming.

    This country has access to almost all platforms. A few of these platforms are:

    • Netflix
    • Hulu
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • HBO Max
    • Disney+
    • ESPN+

    Having this location comes with early access to shows often first released in the US.

    Internet Infrastructure

    There are four major internet service providers in the United States. With these providers, there are three prevalent issues you can look at:

    1. Rural areas often have slow broadband speeds.
    2. Internet service providers are not strictly observing net neutrality.
    3. There is a lack of competition between providers. This situation leads to a need for more incentive to improve services based on consumer demand.

    These points in the US internet infrastructure will be around for a while.


    Downloading content for torrenting is not illegal. However, downloading and sharing shows or series via peer-to-peer connections may lead you to legal complications.

    3. The United Kingdom – Reputable Speed

    Image of London, United Kingdom


    The UK is an excellent server location for speed, especially in Europe. Given that it has great speed, it is also an option for streaming. In this section, find out more details about the UK server location.


    The UK is a member of the 5-eyes alliance, which means they share intelligence with other member countries. Fortunately, its citizens don’t need to worry. Although the UK is no longer an EU member, it still has its own Data Protection Act.

    �� Did You Know?

    If the country is not a member of the EU like the UK, GDPR doesn’t apply to it.


    UK’s average broadband internet speed is a stable 102.24 Mbps. This country has the Digital Economy Act of 2017, which requires internet service providers to offer a minimum of 10 Mbps connection speed. This law challenges the providers to uphold digital connectivity.


    Another location for streaming following the US is the UK. This country has multiple streaming services:

    • BBC
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • iPlayer
    • Netflix
    • Other platforms

    There are also shows only available for the UK library. You’ll have exclusive access to these shows if you use this country as a VPN server location.

    Internet Infrastructure

    This country is active in building fiber-optic networks and incentivizing its business people. These efforts support the UK’s internet infrastructure.


    As long as the materials you’re downloading are not copyrighted, torrenting is not illegal in the UK. What’s unlawful is using peer-to-peer sharing to pirate materials. If caught, you’ll face fines and jail time.

    4. Iceland – Great for Privacy and Speed

    Image of Iceland


    Generally, Iceland is a country that defends freedom of speech, making it a safe space for whistleblowers and journalists. Its strong laws are a few reasons why Iceland is a privacy haven.

    The country’s laws ensure a stable, secure, and speedy internet connection. Additionally, Iceland is not a member of the 14 Eyes Alliance.

    Discover other valuable details about Iceland’s location as you read onward.


    Like Switzerland, Iceland is not a part of the EU, so it doesn’t have to observe GDPR. Instead, it has two significant laws for data security and connection accessibility.

    The first one is Iceland’s Data Protection Act. This law allows users to control their data and its storage. The second one is the Equal Access Act, which ensures almost universal and unrestricted internet access.

    Despite strict data privacy laws, Iceland requires VPN providers to keep logs for up to six months. The good thing is these logs are only necessary for public safety matters.


    This country’s average broadband connection speed is 216 Mbps.


    There are also multiple options for watching TV shows or movies. A few of these streaming services are:

    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Disney+
    • Netflix

    Internet Infrastructure

    Iceland has a Net Neutrality Act preventing internet service providers from throttling access to online services. This law assures maximum online experience for customers or users.

    �� Helpful Article:

    To assess if your ISP is throttling your internet speed, check out this Techjury article:


    Since Iceland respects people’s right to freedom and speech, it has minimal tracking of online activities. This favor attracts those who want to torrent materials in Iceland location.

    However, Iceland is strict in terms of downloading and sharing copyrighted materials. Its government has mandated ISPs to block torrenting sites like Pirate Bay.

    5. Panama – Top Choice for Anonymity and Speed

    Image of Panama

    Source: Panama Tourism

    This country has several laws for personal data protection, making it an excellent choice for those who seek anonymity. Find out more about using Panama for a VPN experience.


    Panama is a safe space for someone’s data for a few reasons. First, it’s not a member of any alliances. Second, Panama also has Law No. 81, Executive Order 21, and Data Protection Law. These laws require informed consent from individuals before collecting or using their data.

    Lastly, Panama has no data retention laws, making it a great location for zero-logs VPNs. VPN providers do not store logs, allowing secure server connections without data privacy concerns.


    Internet speed experts reveal that Panama is the top performer in Central America. Its average broadband internet speed is a stable 137.38 Mbps.


    In Panama, there are a variety of well-known streaming platforms to choose from. These are:

    • Netflix
    • HBO Max
    • Disney +
    • Paramount
    • Amazon Prime Video

    Similar to other locations, Panama also has exclusive shows. Using this country as a VPN server location gives you access to exclusive libraries.

    Internet Infrastructure

    The internet infrastructure in Panama is well-developed, but internet speeds and prices may vary depending on location. Service quality may also decline in remote areas. Overall, Panama provides a fast and safe VPN location.


    Downloading and sharing copyrighted materials is illegal in Panama. You can face legal action like jail time and fines if caught torrenting.

    �� Fun Fact:

    Australia has the lowest VPN usage rate . Only 4% of its internet users utilize VPNs, according to statistics. This figure contrasts the emerging markets in Asia, like Indonesia, with 38%.

    6. Canada – Notable for Gambling

    Image of Toronto, Canada

    Source: Icy Canada

    This country is known to be an excellent location for gambling because it has various betting sites available. Canada has relaxed laws around gambling but has robust protection for freedom of the press and speech.

    Discover more information about Canada as a VPN server location.


    Canada has a Data Protection Law where individuals have rights about how companies handle their information. A few rights are:

    • Right to be informed
    • Right to access
    • Right to erasure

    Overall, VPN providers see Canada as a location for solid security and privacy.


    Around 99.76 Mbps is Canada’s broadband internet connection. Its fastest speed by far is at 197. 22 Mbps. In 2016, the country’s telecommunication regulator had a connectivity strategy. This strategy indicates all citizens should receive high-speed internet access as a basic telecommunications service.


    Canada has counterparts of the streaming service globally. Some of these streaming services are:

    • Netflix
    • Hulu
    • Paramount Plus
    • Amazon Prime Video

    This location is a good option, especially for US residents, due to its proximity and similar streaming content.

    Internet Infrastructure

    Canada has one of the most developed internet infrastructure worldwide. It has 750 internet service providers, giving all major cities of Canada high-speed internet.

    This country’s government aims to connect 98% of its citizens to high-speed internet by 2026 and 100% by 2030.


    Downloading and sharing of copyrighted materials in Canada is illegal. The Copyright Modernization Act requires ISPs to send notices to network violators and store their identities for six months.

    ⚠️ Warning: There are countries where VPNs are illegal . A few of these countries are North Korea, Oman, and Turkmenistan. Ensure to do your research before using one to avoid legal implications.

    Wrap Up

    Before choosing a VPN server country, you must identify which perks you prioritize. Countries such as Switzerland, the US, the UK, Iceland, Panama, and Canada offer almost the same benefits. However, these countries have different fortes.