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Best Torrent Websites in 2023


Another advantage of a VPN is that it stops your ISP from throttling your connection if it discovers you are consuming a lot of data. As a result, you’ll enjoy speedier connections since your ISP won’t see your online activities.

The 27 Best Torrent Sites for September 2023

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Looking for the best torrenting sites that still work in September 2023? Read on to learn about the safest places for downloading torrents.

Sneak peek at using safe torrent sites

Torrenting sounds like a perfect workaround to get pricey software or restricted content at no charges or limitations. However, cybercriminals are geared up to exploit this lucrative niche and target innocent users. Hence, many torrent sites offering movies, TV shows, e-books, or cracked software, often harbor malware. Therefore, users should remain cautious about the sites they use for downloading torrents. We have gathered the best torrent sites in this guide that offer safe and reliable content to ease things for you. Nonetheless, you must use a robust antivirus and a VPN to remain safe out of caution.

Torrents become a savior when every service exploits users’ demands by offering premium services. So whether you wish to download an ebook torrent or have premium software, you don’t have to pay anything for torrents mostly.

But a simple Google search will hardly help you find the best torrent sites. And, of course, you cannot spend hours and hours testing dozens (which also poses security risks if you are not a privacy-savvy internet user.) Nevertheless, this article has covered you with safe and regularly tested options.

So, while torrenting helps people get premium products for free, they often face backlash from the authorities globally.

Why? Because they are also a threat to users and enterprise security and integrity.

At first, many cybercriminals lure innocent users by offering torrents with non-original products. These include software bundled with malware or, often, only malware.

Secondly, they also violate copyright.

That’s why many countries have banned torrenting, and the P2P sites suffer frequent closures. Unfortunately, this harsh impact also affects the popular torrent sites that are safe to use.

Therefore, users who rely on torrents frequently ask about websites that still work and are safe.

Hence, this article lists the top torrenting websites for all of you to use in 2023, alongside a quick guide for first-time users.

Best torrent websites 2023 – Quick list

Are you hurrying to get straight to the top torrent sites that work even in 2023? Then, check out this list of the top 10 (updated September 2023).

  1. The Pirate Bay – The Ultimate Torrenting King. Has a huge database of free software and entertainment stuff like movies, shows, and games. However, it frequently gets blocked by authorities.
  2. 1337.x – The best all-in-one platform. A user-friendly interface makes finding the desired torrent file easy. Features lots of content belonging to different categories with direct and magnet links.
  3. RARBG – Verified new P2P uploads. A popular website garnering colossal traffic due to its content diversity. Features lots of download links for torrent files. However, it faces a ban often due to copyright infringement.
  4. YTS – Best for movies. The site includes a vast database of old and new movies of different genres. However, it may share users’ data with authorities for anti-piracy practices.
  5. Kickass Torrents – Best for TV shows. Features lots of content from different categories. But the platform is hard to find often due to restrictions.
  6. TorLock – Top choice for anime and ebooks. Ensures featuring safe and verified P2P files. Accessible in many countries.
  7. Torrentz2 – Best for music. It’s a metasearch engine that saves time searching for specific torrents.
  8. AniDex – The best option for anime fans. The site bears a user-friendly interface for easy searching.
  9. LimeTorrents – Torrents with limited ads. Easy to use platform helpful for new torrents. Boasts a huge collection of content from different categories.
  10. TorrentDownloads – For multipurpose torrenting. Has a massive database of movies, games, software, and other torrents. Generally accessible globally except in the UK.

Want to know some more? Read along to find the complete list of 27 top torrent websites.

Note: As a rule of thumb, please do not download copyright-protected materials online. Ever. We discourage any such action. Secondly, even the most reputable torrent clients and sites come with some inherent dangers. Both accessing and downloading torrents involve internet privacy and security risks. Government fines and copyright infringement notifications are among the top ones, even if you use best torrent sites. Others include viruses, ads, viruses, and malware. That’s why we recommend using a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN. A VPN ensures you stay safe from viruses, government snooping, and your ISP’s prying eyes.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent contains information about downloading a larger file from multiple sources.

Unlike downloading a file from a website online, you download small pieces of one file from multiple sources. The download speed will depend on internet speed, VPN reliability, etc. Remember, you need a VPN when downloading torrents or visiting torrenting websites.

Types of torrent sites

There are different types of torrent sites. Some popular examples include:

Private torrent sites

How does torrenting work?

Torrent lets clients find peer-to-peer file-sharing machines. Unfortunately, the process involves two parties, seeders and leechers.

Seeders upload the file you wish to download, while leechers download it. Therefore, more seeders mean quicker downloads. (That’s where the best streaming sites come in; they provide faster downloads.) In addition, a file’s seeders indicate how healthy a file is.

First, you must download and install a torrent client, like uTorrent or qBittorrent. Next, you need to find a .torrent file for the file you want to download. You can typically find these files on websites called torrent trackers, or you can use a search engine.

As the download progresses, the torrent client will communicate with other users who are also downloading the same file and request pieces of the file from them.

When the torrent client receives pieces of the file from different sources, it will assemble them into a single file on your computer.

Things to remember before torrenting

Things to remember before torrenting

Since you have reached this article, we anticipate you would have been used to safe torrenting.

Still, we deem it useful to review the best practices for safe torrenting quickly.

Yet, if you haven’t used torrents before, then make sure to read our detailed guide on downloading torrents safely.

Hide your IP

We can’t stress it enough for every torrent user.

Whether using an accessible popular torrent site or trying to access a blocked one, it’s always wise to use a VPN and hide your IP.

It’s because, without a VPN, you let your ISP know what you’re doing. In turn, you expose yourself to ISP throttling.

Secondly, with a VPN, you remain out of the radar of cybercriminals that often appear even on good torrent sites. You risk malvertising, intrusive online tracking, data leakage, and other privacy threats without a VPN.

Is torrent legal?

Whether downloading a worthy ebook for your studies or a pre-released movie, you will face harsh penalties if torrenting isn’t legal in your country.

It’s because the authorities never consider what kind of stuff you download via torrent. All they see is that you have used torrents they don’t allow.

Likewise, you must remain wary even if your country hasn’t banned torrenting, but your local authorities, school, or office doesn’t permit it.

Either way, make sure you use a robust VPN that hides your internet activities before accessing a torrent website.

Check torrent safety

Now that you have put on your armor for anonymous online surfing, double-check the torrent’s safety before downloading it. Once malware reaches your system, it won’t be easy for you to get rid of it. And if that’s ransomware, you’re doomed!

So, only look for healthy torrents with a larger seeder/leecher ratio. Also, never go for recent torrents, as they will likely be fake.

Besides, some websites also mention a verified status of the links with torrent files. So if you find one with your chosen torrent, you can proceed.

Pro tip:

If you must download torrents, ensure you download from trusted sources only (the one with the green or pink marks next to their names).

Best torrent sites 2023 – The detailed P2P list

Now that you know how to proceed safely, let’s begin with the list of quality torrent websites you can visit.

We have also mentioned the direct working links for all websites for your ease. If you find any inaccessible, try changing your IP address to another country.

If a link doesn’t work with other countries IP addresses, please inform us via the comments section. Our team checks each link almost daily, but we will check and provide you with updated links even if we miss one.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is The Pirate Bay working or not? Mirror links
thepiratebay.org Movies, anime, music, eBooks, games, series, software Movie torrents Yes. In various countries and regions. Working thepiratebay.by ; tpbpirateproxy.org/en ; www.pirateproxy.space

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of torrents and pirated tools would have heard about The Pirate Bay. Owing to its extensive torrent database, it won’t be wrong to call it the King of P2P file-sharing sites.

The Pirate Bay started in 2013 as an ultimate platform for providing premium stuff for free. It features millions of torrents from different categories, including movies, game torrents, music, TV shows, free software, and more.

The site bears an easy-to-navigate interface that supports even a naïve user. You don’t have to fiddle with the categories; you can find your desired content with a simple search.

Also, you don’t have to worry about not finding your desired content, as its vast database will surely provide you with multiple links.

Besides, you can easily find working links, including magnet downloads, making getting the desired file easier.

The only problem some users may face with TPB is its blockage in their country. Nonetheless, you can always work around this blockage with a VPN. (If you persistently fail to access it, you can also try the other The Pirate Bay alternative sites.)

2. 1337.x


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is 1337.x working or not? Mirror links
https://1337x.to/ Movies, anime, TV shows, games, music, software All types of torrents Yes. In most countries Working 1337x.tw ; 1377x.is ; 1337xx.to

This is one of our favorite websites, as well. And it seems we’re not the only fan of it, as 1337X is among the most popular torrent websites. The site hardly misses being featured whenever someone prepares a torrent tracker list.

1337X was founded in 2007 and is available in many countries, except the UK, Australia, Ireland, and Austria, which have banned it.

The site has an elegant interface with precise directories for seamless navigation. It also hosts a colossal torrent collection, including different categories. So, you can find everything here if you wish to download premium software for free (with activation), a game, or a movie.

Also, you don’t have to worry about content limitations when using this torrent tracker. Because as like The Pirate Bay, it also has multiple links for the same content, including magnet links. The site gets new torrents almost every hour. So, you can imagine the extent of diversity available here.



Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is RARBG working or not? Mirror links
rarbgproxy.to Movies, ebooks, software, games Software Yes. In Australia, Denmark, Greece, India, and Turkey. Working rarbgmirror.com/index80.php ; rarbgprx.org/index80.php ; rarbgunblock.com/index80.php

The third in our list of the leading torrent sites is RARBG. It is also an old platform established in 2008, a year after 1337X.

It is also a popular platform for torrenting, which functions like a torrent tracker. According to TorrentFreak, it is the 4 th most visited website (as per the data till July 2020). This ranking is true for only the primary link, while the site operates from several domains. With this, you can imagine the popularity of this site among torrent users.

Like the above two, RARBG also features content from different categories and has multiple links for downloading whatever you wish. Just visit the website and quickly search for your desired software, TV show, movie, or anything else, and you’ll likely find numerous working links for that.

Perhaps, the only problem with RARBG is that you may face a site block. It is banned in numerous countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Finland, and Ireland. Whereas in 2019, India and Greece also joined this list.

The main reason why RARBG faces such bans is copyright infringement and piracy.

If you live in one of these countries, you may need a VPN to access RARBG. ExpressVPN is our number one recommendation for ultimate safety and reliability.

4. YTS

YIFY Movies Torrent Download - YTS

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is YTS working or not? Mirror links
yts.mx/ Movies TV shows and movies Yes. In Europe, India, South America, and the USA. Working yts.lt ; yts.am ; yts.ag

YTS is the best of all movie torrenting sites for all movie lovers. This one also operates with multiple domains and enjoys enormous popularity among torrent users.

YTS is a successor to the YIFY group and enjoys second among the most visited websites after The Pirate Bay.

Launched in 2011, it is a niche-based torrent website exclusively featuring movies. You will likely find your desired film here, from the latest to the oldest, classic, hard-to-find movies.

Using the website is also not difficult as it bears a neat interface. If you’re an avid Netflix user, you will find this website familiar to navigate.

Despite being popular, the only reason we didn’t mention it among the top 3, the three best torrent sites, is its shady practices.

As discovered recently, YTS has indirectly become a part of the anti-piracy scheme, under which it hands over users’ data to law firms.

Since it is one of the best websites for movie lovers, we were compelled to mention it here. But considering its practices, we strongly urge all users to use a strong VPN before accessing YTS.

5. Kickass Torrents


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is KAT working or not? Mirror links
katcr.to/ Movies, TV shows, anime, music, software, games Almost all types of torrents Yes. In the USA, Italy, and India. Working kat.am ; kickasstorrents.to ; kickasstorrents.cr

It is also one of the oldest platforms for torrenting that faced a continuous backlash from the authorities.

The site started in 2008 and was the most popular torrent platform, even greater than The Pirate Bay. It continued to run smoothly via different domains until 2016. However, after its owner’s arrest, the site faced severe issues and was eventually shut down.

Nonetheless, the team behind KickAss Torrents revived it once again in mid-2016. And once again, the site is running with mirror links, featuring millions of P2P files from different content categories.

Users must exercise caution while using the mirror links, as the site may also have some malicious torrent files. Of course, you can always do a little search before downloading a torrent for safety. Or you can switch to the other good torrent websites on this list.

6. TorLock

Torlock - The No Fakes Torrent Site

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is TorLock working or not? Mirror links
torlock.com/ Movies, anime, Tv shows, software Movies Yes. In Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Israel. Working torlock2.com ; torlock.unblockit.lat ; tlock.unblocked.to

For first-time torrent users, TorLock is a safe website to visit.

It was established in 2010 and has since been running smoothly, facing minimal bans. Only India, the United Kingdom, and Australia have banned this site. Users in other countries can easily access it. Though, we still advise using a VPN as a precaution.

TorLock reached the top 10 on our list because of its no-fake torrent behavior. It means you can get verified and safely download torrent files from here without fearing malware.

And, if you spot any fake torrent on the site, TorLock is ready to pay you for reporting it. That shows how vigilant the TorLock team is in ensuring site safety.

As compared to the other good torrenting sources, TorLock has a relatively smaller database. Predominant niches include movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, and anime.

But what’s great here is that the site features hard-to-find content. Thus, the portal is worth using as a torrent movie site before switching to YTS and other similar ones.

7. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 Search Engine

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is Torrentz2 working or not? Mirror links
torrentz2eu.org/ Movies, TV shows, music, games, apps Movies and games Yes. In Pakistan, India, South Africa, and Germany. Working https://torrentzeu.org/ ; https://torrentz2.cyou/ ; https://torrentz2eu.in/

In 2003, Torrentz appeared as a standalone torrent search engine sourcing content from major torrent websites. Until 2012, the site enjoyed immense popularity among users as their go-to place for downloading desired content.

However, it suspended its operation in 2016, probably because of back-to-back legal issues.

Nonetheless, its clone appeared online the same year as Torrentz2, which still works via different domains.

Like Torrentz, Torrentz2 is also a metasearch engine indexing files from the top torrent sites.

Users can search torrent files for their desired content from this platform, games, movies, TV shows, and more. It saves you time browsing through different P2P sites to find your needs.

It has a neat interface that everyone can easily search for the desired content without surfing through ads.

Students and other book lovers can also use this platform to search and download their favorite ebooks without looking up the best torrent ebook site. It’s also among the best music torrent sites.

8. AniDex

AniDex official

Direct link Anime, manga, light novels, and Anime soundtracks Best for Geo-blocked Is AniDex working or not? Mirror links
anidex.info/ Anime, manga, light novels, Anime soundtracks Anime and manga Yes. In Serbia and Australia. Working None

Anidex has all you need if you’re looking for a torrent site offering anime content and a user-friendly interface. Anime fans will have an endless free indie torrent library on this website.

During our tests, we could access it through a VPN and proxy from different parts of the world. So, it is not geo-blocked.

The first thing that will attract you when you visit it is its Quick Search bar section, which works perfectly well. In addition to anime content, the site has manga torrents containing files in .cbz format.

In addition, AniDex has light novels in English and Japanese. The platform also boasts dedicated tabs for avid gamers, allowing them to download various games whenever possible.

Moreover, AniDex offers a vast list of anime subtitles in many languages, i.e., Arabic, English, and Spanish.

For mainstream anime torrents, you will get seeders in numbers. But other, relatively hidden files may not have many people seeding them.

In conclusion, as far as anime content is concerned, not many niche torrent websites can compete with AniDex today.

9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents - Download Verified Torrents

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is LimeTorrents working or not? Mirror links
limetorrents.pro/ Movie, ebooks, software, games All types of torrents Yes. In Argentina, Belgium, Germany, India, and Sri Lanka. Working limetorrents.info ; limetorrents.asia ; limetor.com

LimeTorrents is among the largest torrent databases available online. It also includes many verified torrents. That’s probably why it has become a trusted go-to site for new users.

The service started in 2009 and has remained an uncontroversial platform with minimal bans. It caters to the needs of most users with high torrent download speeds and verified media.

The site is banned in France, the UK, and Australia. But the users can still access it with VPNs. They can then search for their desired content from the millions of torrents available on this massive platform.

Finding the right torrent file is also not difficult, as it bears a pleasant and navigable interface with direct links to content categories. Also, it clearly shows the date of uploading, file size, health, and other necessary information for every torrent file. Hence, users can easily choose which file to download.

10. TorrentDownloads

Torrent Downloads - download free torrents

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is TorrentDownloads working or not? Mirror links
torrentdownloads.pro/ Movies, TV shows, anime, music, games, software Movies and TV shows Yes. In China, Germany, India, Russia, the UK, and the USA. Working torrentdownloads.me ; torrentdownloads.net ; torrentdownloads.123unblock.best

This is another worthy addition to the finest torrent sites, including a massive database of over 16 million torrents. Hence, you will likely find your desired movie, TV show, ebook, or software easily.

Established in 2007, the website has sustained a credible position by maintaining a low profile. It even helped the site evade most bans; hence, users worldwide can access it easily.

Though, UK users may face trouble as the country has banned TorrentDownloads. But, with a VPN, you can evade all such restrictions easily.

11. Torrends.to

Torrents – Torrent Sites and Search

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is Torrends.to or not? Mirror links
torrends.to/ Movies, TV shows, anime, music, games, software TV shows and movies Yes. In some parts of the world. Working torrends.info ; torrents.me ; torrents.to

Despite the presence of numerous BitTorrent platforms, Torrends also enjoys huge success. You can attribute its colossal traffic to its robust search engine that draws torrent file results from other popular sites. This includes direct file links as well as magnet links.

While that’s nothing new for a dedicated torrenting search engine, Torrents.io bypasses many others with its user-friendly interface.

When you search on it, you will get the relevant file links from the top-ranked torrent sites and know other details, including uploader names, upload date, file size, seeds, and link health. Thus, you can easily decide which torrent file to download.

Since it’s a comprehensive metasearch engine, you can download anything. For instance, you don’t need to visit the top torrent websites for music. Instead, search for your favorite music here and get straight to the appropriate link.

The website changed its domain from torrents.io to torrents.to recently.

12. EZTV

EZTV - TV Torrents Online Series Download Official

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is EZTV working or not? Mirror links
eztv.re/ Movies, Tv shows TV shows and series Yes. In Bangladesh, China, Europe, India, and the USA. Working eztv.tf ; eztv.yt ; eztv.wf

For all those who love downloading TV shows, EZTV provides a one-stop solution.

It’s a dedicated TV torrent site, so that you won’t find music, movies, ebooks, or anything else here. Rather it mainly sources torrent links for all rare and known TV shows as direct and magnet links.

The site initially started in 2005 and was great as it was an ad-free platform. However, in 2015, it stopped functioning, and some of its mirror links surfaced online that show ads.

Yet, if you remain careful while browsing, such as using adblockers to avoid the clutter, you can use it to download an eBook torrent, your favorite shows, or anything you need.

13. Torrentfunk

TorrentFunk - Discover Your Funk

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is Torrentfunk working or not? Mirror links
torrentfunk.com/ Movies, TV shows, music, apps, games Almost all torrent types Yes. In China and New Zealand. Working torrentfunk2.com ; torrentfunk.unblockit.app ; torrentfunk.unblocked.mx

This is another torrenting arena with an interactive site interface helping new users.

Torrentfunk, like all rivals, is a dedicated platform featuring tons of torrent files sourced from ‘friends’ (other torrent sites). Its database includes content from all major categories, including software, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more.

You can quickly search your desired content for its direct and magnet download links.

What’s remarkable here is that it clearly mentions details of the uploader, file size, seeds, pers, date of upload, and link health. It also shows the genuine links as verified, thus making it easier for you to ensure safe torrenting.

14. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks official

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is FitGirl Repacks working or not? Mirror links
fitgirl-repacks.site/ Games Games Yes. In Malaysia and Nepal. Working None

Fitgirl Repacks is a well-known torrent site aimed at gamers. Unlike most others on our list, this site’s moderator uploads game torrents for users. Members cannot upload; it only allows downloads.

Fitgirl Repacks has a variety of games. The site has a simple interface. You can find the latest game torrents in the search bar. A slider at the top of the page shows the latest torrents available on the site. Fatgirl Repacks also has a list of award-winning games.

The most interesting thing about Fitfirl Repacks is that it has no harmful ads or pop-ups so you can download torrents without interruption.

Unfortunately, while it’s a go-to source of video games, the website gives users copyright content for free. That falls under piracy, which is illegal in most jurisdictions. So, we don’t recommend using it or any other such website. But if you must, then use a VPN to protect your online activities.

15. Nyaa.si


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is Nyaa working or not? Mirror links
nyaa.si/ Anime, anime games, manga Manga and anime Yes. In certain parts of Europe, India, and South America. Working nyaa.net ; nyaa.eu ; sukebei.nyaa.si

As the name shows, Nyaa is a Japanese website. So, that makes perfect sense for it to be a popular torrent site for anime.

The original Nyaa platform worked great until its shutdown in 2017. Since then, Nyaa.si replaced it as a one-stop solution for anime audio and videos.

It has a friendly and navigable interface so every anime lover can easily access the desired media.

The only thing with this site is its limited content diversity which predominantly includes content from Japan, Korea, and China. But that is quite okay, given that it focuses on anime only.

16. SolidTorrents

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is SolidTorrents working or not? Mirror links
solidtorrents.net/ Music, TV shows, anime, music, games, apps, software All torrents types Yes. In India, the USA, and North Europe. Working None

Here is one more torrent search engine saving you from the hassle of browsing through torrent sites. It’s a typical metasearch engine (with minimal design) having indexed torrents from all credible sources. So, you will likely find here whatever content you’re looking for.

The site has a simple, somewhat unattractive interface, though (at least, for me). But it suffices the purpose it’s made for, that is, torrent search.

However, Google had once marked this site as suspicious as its Safe Browsing Feature reports parts of the sites linked with malware. Yet, it presently labels this site as safe.

So, we urge anyone using this site to install a robust VPN and anti-malware on the device.

17. BitPort

Bitport io Download Torrents and Stay Anonymous

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is BitPort working or not? Mirror links
bitport.io/welcome Movies, TV shows, music, apps Movies, TV shows, and music No Working None

Like other quality torrent sites topping up this list, BitPort is a comprehensive platform for downloading P2P stuff.

The best feature of this site is that it saves you from meddling with torrent download clients. You need to create an account here and download your desired files in a few clicks.

You can even download the files to your cloud drives. Thus, you don’t have to limit yourself from downloading your content merely because you don’t have your home system.

Whether in the office, school, or anywhere else, just sign in to your account, download your files to the cloud, and access them later from anywhere.

The only problem with this site is that it has a freemium subscription. With free accounts, you get 1GB of free cloud storage with limited and unsecured downloads.

However, with an appropriate paid subscription plan, you can increase your cloud storage and get more download slots with secured downloading.

Try their risk-free paid plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee to test its feasibility.

18. iDope


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is iDope working or not? Mirror links
idope.se/ Movies, TV shows, anime, games, apps Movies and anime Yes. In South Korea and Ukraine. Working idope.pw

iDope is a relatively new player in the BitTorrent world. Launched in 2016, the site is an excellent torrent search engine with direct magnet links to safe torrents.

As clearly stated in its logo, the site appeared online as a tribute to KickAss Torrents following the latter’s shutdown. While KickAss Torrents is also up somehow, iDope continues functioning as intended.

It also has some unofficial mirror links through which users can access this site if not directly accessible. It’s because the site faces a ban in Australia, India, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. Nonetheless, a VPN always serves as a workaround to evade this restriction.

However, at iDope, users may not find as extensive a database of P2P files here as the key players. However, it works best for fast downloading of the relevant files. Also, the database gets updated almost every hour. So, if you’re looking for the latest movies or TV shows, you can find them here.

19. MyAnonaMouse

MyAnonaMouse official

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is MyAnonaMouse working or not? Mirror links
myanonamouse.net/ Audiobooks and ebooks Ebooks Yes. In China. Working None

Our list of the best torrenting websites would be incomplete without mentioning MyAnonaMouse.

It is a convenient option for downloading eBooks for free. The site has a vast number of educational audiobooks and eBook torrents. The website is one of the most popular private torrent sites for reading eBooks.

It has a simple interface. eBooks are sorted into different sections like Business, Entertainment, Graphics & Design, Health, Technology, and much more.

MyAnonaMouse offers users a vast library of high-quality music content and a community of music enthusiasts who share their knowledge and passion for music. To protect artists’ and creators’ rights, MyAnonaMouse has a strict no-piracy policy and actively enforces it.

The Book Club is one of the most attractive features on the website. It currently boasts 5 book clubs: The Round Table, The Mousetrap, The ABC, The Horror Book, and The Comic Book Club (The CBR). Since MyAnonaMouse is a private tracker, all its book club picks are freeleech.

20. TorrentGalaxy

TGx Home

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is TorrentGalaxy working or not? Mirror links
torrentgalaxy.to/ Movies, TV shows, anime, adult content, music, apps, books, games Almost all torrent types Yes. In Asia, Malaysia, Europe, and some parts of America. Working torrentgalaxy.mx ; torrentgalaxy.su

Another multipurpose torrenting platform on our best torrent sites list is TorrentsGalaxy.

As the name suggests, it has a vast galaxy of torrents sourcing content from all major categories. From movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, software, ebooks, and even online skill development courses, you name it, and TorrentsGalaxy will bring its torrent link to you.

The website has a straightforward, navigable, and interesting layout. A quick search for your desired content returns the torrent links in search results, alongside the uploader name and status, file size, date and time of upload, and a seeder/leecher ratio. These details make it easy for a naive user to find the right link.

21. RuTracker

RuTracker official

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is RuTracker working or not? Mirror links
rutracker.org/ Movies, TV shows, anime, sports, games Movies, TV shows, and apps Yes. In most parts of the world. Working None

RuTracker is a well-known Russian torrent site offering local and international content. Founded in 2004 and now the website has become the largest torrent site in the country. Its extensive content library includes TV shows, music, movies, games, and software. If you are comfortable with Google Translate and have a modicum of patience, you will likely find a treasure trove of content.

The website allows users to download and share torrents at no cost. In addition, it has a premium version that offers faster download speeds and exclusive content.

Nevertheless, RuTracker, like many other torrent sites, has been sued for copyright violations and faced legal challenges. Despite these difficulties, the site remains prominent and provides users with a wide range of content.

If you are outside of Russia and cannot access RuTracker, it is recommended to use a premium VPN service. A VPN changes your IP address and gives you a new one in your desired country.

22. BTDigg


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is BTDig working or not? Mirror links
btdig.com/ Movies, TV shows, anime, apps Movies and TV shows Yes. In some parts of the world. Working None

BTDigg is quite a unique site in the realm of torrents. It is neither a torrent database nor among any torrent tracker list out there. It does not store any content and hence, does not warrant safety.

So why are we mentioning it here at all? We hear you ask.

BTDigg is basically a BitTorrent DHT search engine established back in 2011. It aims at providing free content for BitTorrent Network.

The overall website has a straightforward interface. A quick search of the desired content returns results via the site’s web interface, including torrent magnet links and relevant details. Also, it supports search queries in multiple languages.

23. DirtyTorrents


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is DirtyTorrents working or not? Mirror links
dirtytorrents.com/ Movies, TV shows, music, anime, apps, games Almost all types of torrents Yes. In most countries and regions. Working dirtytorrents.proxybit.monster ; dirtytorrents.nocensor.space ; dirtytorrents.123unblock.work

Unlike its name, DirtyTorrents is a pretty clean platform with a nice navigable interface.

The website, in itself, isn’t a database. Instead, as it clearly mentions, it’s just like Google serving as a search engine for torrents, saving users from browsing through various torrenting sites.

So, through this platform, you can easily get your desired content, be it a movie, TV show, music, software, or app.

24. YourBittorrent


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is YourBittorent working or not? Mirror links
yourbittorrent.com/ Anime, TV shows, games, ebooks Anime and TV shows Yes. In India, Switzerland, USA Working yourbittorrent.nocensor.space ; yourbittorrent.unblockproject.casa ; yourbittorrent.u4m.space

Joining the trail of torrenting movie sites now comes YourBittorrent. It is a dedicated torrenting platform featuring torrents from various categories, including software, games, ebooks, and anime. However, it works great for movie lovers as it includes a massive database.

Scrolling through this platform is extremely easy. The layout is clutter-free, with clear lists of torrents in various categories. The list also mentions essential user details, such as the file size, upload date, seeders, and leechers.

For naïve users, the site only allows sorting the results to get verified torrent links.

25. TorrentLeech

TorrentLeech official

Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is TorrentLeech working or not? Mirror links
torrentleech.org/ Movies, TV shows, anime, music Anime and movies No Working None

TorrentLeech is a famous premium torrent provider. It was launched in 2004. The website possesses a vast collection of high-quality torrents, including TV shows, movies, software, games, music, and many more.
It’s an invite-only torrent website. You can access its extensive library through donations. It is one of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives if you are looking for alternatives to ExtraTorrents after it disappeared recently.

TorrentLeech protects content owners’ rights by adopting a strict no-piracy policy. In addition, the site is updated regularly with up-to-date content and is renowned for its fast download speeds and reliable torrent links.

A few of its perks would make you want to join TorrentLeach. Those include the Latest Content, Extensive Categories, Forums, Donations, and Reward Points.

If you are looking for a torrenting platform with everything you could possibly desire, TorrentLeech is one of your most viable bets.

26. GloTorrents


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is GloTorrents working or not? Mirror links
gtdb.to/home.php Movies, TV series, music, games, apps Movies and TV shows Yes. In Pakistan, India, Germany, and South Africa. Working glodls.to/home.php ; glotorrents.mrunblock.best ; glotorrents.unblockproject.rest

This one is also great for all new and old torrent users.

GloTorrents, like all the major competitors, bears a neat and clean interface with easy-to-use features.

The site’s home page displays torrent links for popular content and other details such as link health, seeders, leechers, and file size. Besides, the links also display various badges hinting at the uploaders’ status and reputation. Thus, you can easily decide which torrent link to go for.

Users can find a vast torrent collection on this site, including movies, TV shows, music, radio, software, anime, games, ebooks, tutorials, and more.

27. Demonoid


Direct link Content types Best for Geo-blocked Is Demonoid working or not? Mirror links
demonoid.is/ Movies, adult content, games, music, books, audio, video Movies and adult content Yes. In Australia, South Asia, Western Europe, and the USA. Working dnoid.to ; dnoid.pw ; demonoid.unblockit.uno

The last on our list of best torrent sites is Demonoid.

It’s also a credible torrenting platform that surfaced online back in 2003. It’s one of the early websites that have survived all the legal hardships for around two decades. So, you can imagine the extensive torrent database hosted here.

Though, during its survival, it did suffer tough times, following which its website experienced downtimes. The longest is a 2-year extended downtime. Furthermore, the sudden demise of its founder (alias Deimos) was another blow to the site.

However, it did revive with all its glory in 2019 and is currently available via various mirror links.

At present, the site is only banned in the UK and Ukraine. So, most users globally would seemingly have no problems accessing Demonoid. It offers a vast torrent database with content from various niches and an above-average download speed.

The overall site interface is not so attractive. In fact, some users may face difficulty in browsing through all the options. But once you become used to it, it’s worth all the effort.

Pros and cons of torrent websites

Peer-to-peer file-sharing platforms have been controversial for many years. Yes, they provide access to a wide range of content. But they are also subject to piracy and copyright infringement. The followings are some pros and cons of these websites:


  • Torrenting websites offer a vast selection of hard-to-find software, movies, music, and more
  • Torrent downloads are faster than traditional methods, especially with many seeders
  • With peer-to-peer sharing, multiple sources for a single file are available
  • Torrents allow you to resume downloading from where you left off if interrupted
  • It is free to download from torrents, saving money compared to buying physical copies
  • Users can leave comments and ratings, providing a community-based review system for files
  • Torrents can provide access to content unavailable in your region or country
  • Torrent anonymously for privacy and protection from government surveillance
  • Most content on torrent websites is free to download, which can attract users who do not want to pay for content
  • Torrent websites are easy to use and navigate, with simple search functions and intuitive user interfaces


  • Torrent websites often offer copyrighted materials illegally, exposing users to legal risks and consequences
  • Torrent downloads can lead to unintentional malware or harmful software downloads
  • Torrenting strains internet connections, especially during simultaneous uploads and downloads
  • Users on a peer-to-peer network may encounter exposure to inappropriate content
  • Torrenting can take up much hard drive space and slow down computer performance
  • Files downloaded from P2P portals may sometimes be low-quality or functional
  • Torrenting spreads pirated content, harming content creators and the entertainment industry
  • Inexperienced users’ confusion and errors can cause incomplete downloads from torrent websites
  • Torrenting can take up much hard drive space and slow down computer performance
  • Files downloaded from torrent websites may sometimes be low-quality or not functional
  • Torrenting spreads pirated content, harming content creators and the entertainment industry
  • Inexperienced users’ confusion and errors can cause incomplete downloads
  • Some internet service providers (ISPs) may block access to torrent websites, making them difficult or impossible to use

How to choose the best torrent websites

You might wonder how we created this extensive list of working torrent websites.

Let us answer your potential question.

Of course, the sites’ working and availability are essential for them to appear here. But some more things make them the best. So below you go with them:

Download speed

Since torrenting in many countries already requires using a tool like VPN, most users experience prolonged download speeds. However, quality torrent sites still manage to offer fast speeds even with VPNs.

Pro tip:

If you get your hands on a fast VPN service, it will actually help you increase the download speed of your torrents.

Number of seeders

The higher the number of seeders, the faster the download speed for torrents will be.

Number of torrents

More P2P files on a site increase the probability of finding your desired content. (Except those websites that typically focus on a specific niche, for example, torrenting movie sites.)

Instant downloading

Some websites put additional steps or require mandatory registration for users. Therefore, for most users and us, the good torrent sites are the ones that support seamless instant downloads.

Founding year

Given the harsh crackdown on torrenting sites, it shows its credibility if a site still survives for many years.

Proxy/mirror links

Since torrent services know many users can’t access them easily, they often create mirror links or proxies to evade censorship.

Countries blocking a specific site

Some torrenting sites have a bad reputation (for authorities) that ban them in a country. Though still, some websites have managed to remain under the radar. So if a site is not restricted in your country and is old, it might belong to the latter category. Otherwise, by changing your IP address, check if you can use a proxy or a VPN to access the site.

How to use a torrent site

A torrent contains metadata associated with the files you want to download. Thus, it is necessary to use a P2P client to download content. The program can detect relevant P2P networks and register your computer using that metadata.

It means you’re downloading the file from individuals who already have it on their devices and are now seeding it. You won’t even be able to start your download if nobody seeds. Torrenting is simply a way to share data with another computer.

The first thing you’ll need is a torrent client. We recommend using BitTorrent, but uTorrent is also a viable option.

Once you have installed the torrent client, download the torrent file from any reliable torrent sites listed above. The torrent file automatically opens in your client’s “Torrents” tab.

You must, however, exercise caution here. As indicated earlier in this article, you must consider some factors to ensure the safety and privacy of your torrenting activities.

Always use a VPN when downloading torrents from or even browsing torrent sites. The government and ISPs can track your internet activity if you do not have a VPN connection. You can also get sued if you download specific files without a VPN for torrenting.

You should also watch out for fake download links. It is common for torrent sites to display a button that does not download the torrent file but rather unrelated software. The culprits do it to make extra money. Make it a rule for yourself not to click on big buttons you see on P2P (torrent) downloads sites. Instead, click on only the link that will download the torrent file you want.

How to stay safe online and avoid fake Torrent sites

There are a few ways you can stay safe and avoid fake torrent sites:

  1. Use a VPN. A virtual private network protects your privacy and security when torrenting. It encrypts your network connection and hides your IP address, making it harder for others to track your online activity.
  2. Use a reputable torrent client. Choose a well-known and trusted torrent client to download torrent files, such as uTorrent or qBittorrent.
  3. Inspect every torrent. Be cautious when downloading from unfamiliar sites. Only download torrents from sites that you know and trust. Avoid downloading from unfamiliar sites which may contain fake or malicious content. You can also check the comment section since most users leave feedback about the quality and safety of a particular torrent. Reading these comments can give you an idea of whether a particular torrent is safe to download. You can also verify the validity of the torrent file on Reddit.
  4. Use a private search engine. Due to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), popular search engines such as Google conceal the URLs of many torrent sites and present risky fork sites. Therefore, your searches will remain anonymous online if you use private search engines like DuckDuckGo, which does not mask URLs.

Torrenting websites that we do not recommend

After going through this extensive list of over two dozen best torrent sites, you might consider every torrent resource safe. However, there’s a reason we have specified those 27 sites only and didn’t mention every torrent link here.

And that is – you cannot trust and use every website offering free or paid torrenting. Although, you can distinguish the safe resources from the fake ones using the criteria explained at the beginning of this guide. Yet, there are some sites that you should avoid using at all costs. Here we quickly list them out for you.


However, we’ve listed it above — we still want you not to trust this website blindly. The main reason to steer clear of this website is its awkward advertising practices. It frequently redirects visitors to other links with suspicious or downright malicious content. In addition, while the site exists via different domains, every domain does the same. Hence, visiting this platform exposes you to adware, malware, and other cyber threats.


This isn’t a harmful or weird website like the above. However, it is unrecommended because of its mandatory registration requirement, which isn’t easy. Plus, the spammy invitations that people may see on this website on public forums can be annoying.


Another website that you should avoid torrenting is IPTorrents. Again, it isn’t dangerous but has pesky registration requirements accompanied by a paid membership. Considering the dozens of best alternatives you can use for free, choosing IPTorrents merely for torrent downloads isn’t wise.


TorrentBay isn’t malicious. In fact, it was once a pretty helpful resource for torrents. However, with time, it overhauled to become more of a directory than a torrent hosting site. Thus, becoming far less valuable than others.


While the name of this site sounds like a gigantic torrent resource, it’s a tormentor’s nightmare. That’s because of the underlying inconvenience and shady practices of this resource.

It first requires downloading the client, which may be troublesome and risky for average users. This website’s many grammatical and linguistic errors will surely distract you, even if you bear with that.


As soon as you land on TorrentGalaxu, you’ll realize it is more like a 1337X downgraded version. It boasts a decent torrent library, which has enabled the site to attract over 8 million monthly visitors. But the bombardment of ads on the site is at an unbearable level.

What is a private torrent site, and how do I access it?

There are a lot of countries with their own private torrent sites, and they all seem impossible to access. Our team explored the world of confidential torrent sites and gained access to some.

For example, we got in on BitMe, an e-learning resource that’s a goldmine for anyone addicted to learning new information.

BitMe private torrent site

But the question arises, what steps can you take to do that too?

8chan, Reddit, and specifically anonymity-centric forum communities have frequent torrenting threads. Rarely do invitations just appear for a short time, but we did contact someone whose thread implied they had an account. Your persuasiveness will determine the rest.

Having no insider contact is the worst possible scenario. Your best bet is to get an invitation from someone you know who has an account there.

What can you download from torrent sites?

You may skip this section if you’re an avid torrent because you might already know what to torrent.

But, for beginners, this might be an essential thing to know because people usually perceive torrenting as copyright infringement means. However, you can benefit from this fantastic facility in many more valuable and legal ways.

Some of the things that you can get from torrenting include the following. (We aren’t listing any titles here. You can look up the sites for your preferred content by typing the title in the search bar.)

  • Movies: As far as you don’t violate copyright by downloading the latest releases, it’s fine to torrent movies. In fact, torrent sites are the best place to find old movie collections.
  • TV shows: You can torrent old classic BBC and other programs like movies.
  • Software, games, and apps: You can download almost any software or app from torrent sites from the latest to old versions.
  • eBooks and academic stuff: As long as you take care of copyright requirements, you can torrent different academic resources, such as ebook guides, courses, magazines, etc.

Why do I need a VPN for accessing Torrent sites?

For your security, you should use a VPN when accessing torrenting sites. There are many apparent risks with websites like uTorrent. For example, hackers can track your online activity and even infect your torrent downloads with malware if they can get your IP address.

While visiting a torrent website, a trustworthy VPN keeps you secure. Your traffic is redirected to one of its private servers while being sent over an encrypted tunnel. As a result, no one can see your activity because your actual IP address isn’t associated with it. In this manner, you may torrent without worrying about cybercriminals.

Another advantage of a VPN is that it stops your ISP from throttling your connection if it discovers you are consuming a lot of data. As a result, you’ll enjoy speedier connections since your ISP won’t see your online activities.

Best VPNs for accessing the best torrent sites safely

These are some of the best torrenting VPNs on the market today

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN homepage new

ExpressVPN is known for its fast speeds, strong encryption, and vast network of servers. In addition, it offers a variety of security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. It also has a wide range of supported platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, and support for routers, smart TVs, and other devices. The price starts at $12.95/month.

(Learn more about it through this detailed ExpressVPN review.)

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Best VPNs 600x300

NordVPN has many essential features, including end-to-end encryption, a no-log policy, a kill switch, and the ability to connect to servers in over 60 countries. It’s a paid service but offers a free trial and various subscription options starting at $12.99/month.

(Please read this NordVPN review to learn more about this VPN.)

3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN

PIA offers a variety of features, including end-to-end encryption, a no-log policy, and the ability to connect to servers in 84 countries. Supports various systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It’s a paid service but offers a free trial and different subscription options starting at $11.99/month.

(This Private Internet Access review shares more about PIA VPN.)

Movie torrent picture quality

Movies downloaded from torrent websites may vary in quality. Picture clarity, production, and file origin all affect quality. While some files might sound and look nice, some might not sound as good or have issues.

A key consideration while downloading movies from pirate networks is the picture quality. It’s crucial to comprehend the many available video files and resolutions. Three resolutions are most frequently used: 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

A 480p video will have a lower-quality picture if you download it. Small devices like smartphones and tablets can use without issue. However, 720p or 1080p resolutions offer the best visual quality for larger screens like laptops or TVs.Higher resolutions require larger file sizes and longer download times.

When downloading movies from pirate websites, you should consider the encoding format. The two primary formats are XviD and x264. Videos in x264 look fantastic and take up less space on your computer than in earlier formats like XviD, which makes videos look less appealing.

You should be aware that certain pirate websites may provide movies in various formats or with varying visual quality. Reviewing the file details before downloading ensures you receive the desired quality. Making sure you enjoy the movie you wish to watch is crucial.

Knowing how well the pictures appear can help you enjoy watching torrent movies. Verify the resolution and encoding format before selecting a file. Before downloading, check the file’s details to ensure your desired quality. You can choose wisely when downloading movies from pirate websites by carrying out these actions.
Overall, the picture quality of movie torrents can be good or bad, depending on various factors. You must be aware of the potential risks associated with downloading torrents, including legal and security risks, and exercise caution when downloading and viewing movie torrents.


Here we end our review of the best torrent sites that actually work for all users globally. All you need with these websites is a torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent, which you might have installed on your computer already.

We explicitly created this extensive list because most users face trouble accessing commonly available sites. In comparison, the ones they can access may not be reliable enough to host safe torrents.

Although, the authorities may have their own valid reasons for blocking torrents. However, we created this list since PrivacySavvy always advocates for internet freedom with responsible use.

Though, we have strived our best to mention all safe torrent sites here that genuinely work. Nonetheless, you can always ask for an update whenever you find any site or link not working anymore.

Stay safe, everyone!


Which torrenting site is the fastest?

Your subscription plan, internet service provider, device performance, location, and VPN provider affect torrenting speeds. On best torrenting sites, a large number of seeders means speedier downloads. Private torrent sites provide quicker download speeds than public ones because users must seed the files they download. This boosts seeders, speeding up downloads.

If you want fast downloads and security, choose a VPN with P2P-optimized servers. Finding a server nearest to your location becomes easier, which gives you the quickest torrenting speeds.

What are the safest torrent sites?

The Pirate Bay, 1337X, RARBG, and private torrent sites are the safest places to download torrents. We created this article to help you find the highest-rated safe torrent websites. Following the safety practices mentioned above, you shouldn’t have any problems downloading anything from the websites in our roundup. Keep your safety-enhancing software up to date, and avoid downloading torrents from random sites that pop up when you conduct a Google search. By doing that, you should be able to download torrents without harming your computer.

How to access blocked torrent websites?

You can use any proxy or VPN to change your IP address and access blocked content. Ideally, you should prefer using a robust paid VPN, as it can even help you increase the download speed.

Can I use free VPNs for torrenting?

Ideally, you shouldn’t. It’s because free VPNs do not provide as robust services as paid ones (as a rule of thumb). So, you may not get enough privacy with free VPNs.

Is torrenting illegal?

It isn’t unless otherwise considered by your country. However, if you’re torrenting copyrighted material or licensed content, then torrenting is wrong due to infringement.

What if I get caught torrenting?

Many authorities around the world monitor the activities of torrent trackers today. You will likely face legal issues if torrenting is illegal in your area. If not, you may experience technical problems like ISP throttling.

Is it safe to download torrents?

The web contains shady torrent sites that display intrusive advertisements or even spread malware. Still, safe and trustworthy ones are also out there, such as The Pirate Bay and 1337X. Regardless of which torrent site you use, you must take some safety precautions (such as keeping antivirus always on and using a VPN) to protect your identity, data, and device.

Best Torrent Websites in 2023

Finding the best torrent sites is a tough and dangerous job. It is because torrent sites often get down by authorities due to copyright infringement. Moreover, if you search torrent sites on Google, you will only get scam websites with dodgy links and advertisements.

Therefore, I tried and tested more than 60+ torrent websites, and from that list, I have hand-picked the top 15 torrent websites that are currently working and have a longstanding market reputation.

Additionally, these torrenting sites verify their torrents for added protection. However, even my selected websites are not 100% safe to download torrents; just like other torrent platforms, these sites are also prone to hacking or malicious attacks.

Hence, for safe torrenting , I will strongly recommend using a VPN. FastestVPN is the best VPN with military-grade encryption that keeps you secure and anonymous. It covers your traffic with robust security features and offers fast speed for torrenting.

Moreover, FastestVPN has a 15-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

Best Torrent Websites

Quick Guide – Top 15 best torrent websites:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337x
  4. Rutracker
  5. Soundpark
  6. YTS
  7. Torrentz2
  8. EZTV
  9. LimeTorrents
  10. TorLock
  11. Zooqle
  12. TorrentDownloads
  13. 101 Torrent
  14. MixtapeTorrent
  15. Music Torrent

Best torrent sites 2023 – The detailed List of P2P Platforms

Have a difficult time selecting the best torrent sites in 2023 for multiple purposes? This list will help you choose:

1. The Pirate Bay – The best multi-purposeful torrent site to date

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay has managed to be one of the best and most popular torrenting sites for music and much more. It came out back in 2003 and has faced many ups and downs. However, it still manages to maintain a place at the very top of the list.

Using Pirate Bay as your go-to torrenting website, you’ll be able to download a large number of movies, TV shows, software and music. They’ve even got the most popular PC video games to keep your kids entertained all summer long. The best part about The Pirate Bay is that the service has verified uploaders, allowing users to indicate which torrents are safe and reliable.

However, for some of us, Pirate Bay may be restricted in the country, which is why we recommend using FastestVPN to eliminate these restrictions and access Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://openpirate.org/
  • https://tpbpirateproxy.org/en
  • https://unblockpirate.uk/
  • https://piratebay.tech/
  • https://thepiratebay.icu/
  • https://proxybay.xyz/
  • https://thepirate-bay.org/en
  • https://thepiratebay10.org/

If the main Pirate Bay website or its proxies do not work for you, you could try out some Pirate Bay alternatives.

The Pirate Bay is banned in the following countries:

Argentina, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, Norway, Finland, Sweden, China, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Iceland, Italy, India, Spain Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Russia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Turkey, and Belgium



RARBG was founded back in 2008 and built a reputation for its high-quality torrents and ease of use, with no additional cost at all!

Just like The Pirate Bay, RARBG too works to verify which links are from reliable sources and which ones aren’t. However, this torrenting site does come with a lot of ads, so, make sure you’re connected to FastestVPN to skip them.

Plus, RARBG offers the latest tracks, movies, TV shows, and much more. If you’re having trouble accessing the site, you could use FastestVPN to unblock it or use any one of the RARBG proxy sites mentioned below.

Don’t wait around and head over to RARBG right now and download the latest tracks using FastestVPN, to block unwanted ads and pop-ups.

RARBG proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://rarbgto.org/
  • https://rarbgunblock.com/
  • https://rarbg.torrentsbay.org/
  • https://rarbgprx.org/
  • https://rarbgmirror.com/
  • https://rarbgproxied.org/
  • https://rarbgget.org/
  • https://rarbg.unblocked.cool/
  • https://rarbgaccess.org/

Need RARBG alternatives apart from the working proxies? Here’s where you can get them.

RARBG is banned in the following countries:

Saudi Arabia, UK, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Finland, the UAE, Ireland, Belgium, India, Greece, Iran, Bulgaria, Oman, China.

3. 1337x


1337x prides itself in being able to find a torrent for just about anything thanks to its simple navigation panel. If you’d like to download the best music torrents, the website alone produces over a million music enthusiasts daily. Other than this, 1337x is the best torrent website for TV shows, movies, software, and more where you can find numerous links to them.

Although 1337x is banned in a few countries around the world along with many other platforms, you could use a VPN to access them; especially because torrenting sites come with malicious ads.

1337x proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://www.1337xx.to/
  • https://x1337x.se/
  • https://1337x.to/
  • https://1337x.tw/
  • https://x1337x.ws/
  • https://1337x.st/
  • https://x1337x.se/
  • https://1337x.gd/
  • https://x1337x.eu/
  • https://1337x.unblockit.cam/
  • https://1337x.unblockninja.com/

If you’re not too keen on going with one of the working proxies, try out some of these 1337x alternatives.

1337x is banned in the following countries:

Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria

4. Rutracker


Rutracker is this one of a kind, customer favorite music torrenting site and movie site. This Russian torrenting site offers much more for its users to download other than music. It offers movies, the latest TV shows, software, PDFs, eBooks, and more. Plus the service is free to use.

They built their service with the simple goal of providing you with the natural solution to all your desires, ranging from music torrenting, movie torrenting, and more. Their website alone registers close to 13 million users worldwide daily.

It hosts a wide variety of songs from the classics like “hard rock” to more modern-day music like “EDM” and “pop” songs. You can get pretty much any track you want on this site regardless of your preference. The built-in search engine also saves you time when looking through their vast library.

However, as mentioned above, the one disappointment is that they are a Russian-based website so you may have trouble accessing, not to mention the language barrier. However, with FastestVPN, you can consider this problem solved. Other than this, if you have a tough time accessing RuTracker from your country, you could use any one of the many RuTracker mirrors and proxy links below.

RuTracker proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://rutracker.nl/forum/index.php
  • https://rutracker-org.appspot.com/forum/index.php
  • https://bit.ly/3jsMoxH
  • https://rutracker.net/
  • https://rutracker.org/
  • https://rutracker-org.appspot.com/
  • http://youproxy.org/rutracker.org/
  • http://maintracker.org/
  • http://rutrackers.website/
  • http://rutracker.org.prx2.unblocksites.co/
  • http://www.unblockaccess.com/
  • https://sitenable.asia/
  • https://sitenable.org/
  • https://sitenable.in/

RuTracker is banned in most countries around the world including Russia. However, you could always try any one of the RuTracker alternatives.

RuTracker is banned in the following countries:

RuTracker is banned in most countries around the world including Russia.

5. Soundpark


Soundpark is this one of a kind, music torrenting website for those specifically only looking for music torrenting sites. They built their service with the dream of providing you with the ultimate variety of music to suit your every need, regardless of where you are in the world.

Their user-friendly website hosts everything from old classics, heavy metal, rhythm & blues, pop, house music, EDM, Rock, Jazz, Folk music, Hip, hop music, Country music, Musical theater, Punk rock, Soul music, Reggae, and Funk.

It is as simple as entering the name of your desired track, and Soundpark shall take care of the rest. To remove any geo-restrictions annoying pop-ups, you can also subscribe to FastestVPN, and enjoy the vast variety of features including NAT firewall protection, 24/7 customer support, and malware protection.

Soundpark mirror sites:

  • Soundpark-club.casa
  • Soundpark.rocks
  • Sound-park.world

6. YTS


With over 75 million users worldwide, we have YTS that is known by torrenting users as the best torrent website that offers the most high-quality links. It offers the best movie torrents, music torrenting tracks, and more.

However, the only downside is that the official YTS/Yify has now been blocked, but that does not mean you can’t access the YTS alternative and proxy sites. We’ve listed a couple of them below.

YTS proxies are sometimes blocked in certain countries, and for that you can access any YTS alternatives that offer similar content.

YTS proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://yts.mx/
  • https://yts.unblocked.pub/
  • https://yts.unblocked.vet/
  • https://www4.yify.is/
  • https://yts.unblockit.cam/

YTS is banned in the following countries:

Ireland, Australia, and a couple of others

7. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is the latest iteration of a popular music torrenting website. They host a vast library of music torrents at no cost. In fact, users can utilize it as a search engine to access over 90 torrent downloading websites. Moreover, their friendly UI makes this the torrenting music destination of 2023 for sure!

These torrent websites used to be previously infected with bugs but managed to wipe them clean with their latest update. Either way, if you’re not too sure about your safety over the torrent site, you could always use FastestVPN for online security and privacy. Torrentz2 is not working for you? Then go for one of the Torrentz2 mirror proxy websites mentioned below.

Torrentz2 proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://sitenable.ch/o.php?u=http://torrentz2.eu/
  • https://sitenable.ch/o.php?u=http://torrentz2.eu/
  • https://www.utorrentz.in/
  • https://torrentz2eu.org/

Try out some of these working Torrentz alternatives, just in case the proxies don’t work for you.

Torrentz2 is banned in the following countries:



Next on the list for the best torrent websites, we have EZTV. It is mostly known to be the best torrent site for TV shows. However, because this service harbored mostly copyright content, it had been removed. But, you can still access some of its content using its proxy sites or any EZTV alternative.

EZTV proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://eztv.unblockit.cam/
  • https://eztv.tf/
  • https://eztv.yt/
  • https://eztv.re/
  • https://eztv.unblockit.cam/
  • https://eztv.123unblock.world/

For more details on similar content, try out any of these EZTV alternatives that are also the best.

EZTV is banned in the following countries:

Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.

9. LimeTorrents


Another reliable torrent website for a variety of downloadable content, We have LimeTorrents. It offers a wide library of TV shows, movies, music, software, and many other torrent links. The service is so extensive that it’s said to offer much more content as compared to the legend, The Pirate Bay. Just in case LimeTorrents is not working for you, try out any one of its working proxies below.

LimeTorrents proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://limetorrents.asia/
  • https://limetorrents.co/
  • https://limetorrents.info/
  • https://limetor.pro/

Try any working LimeTorrents alternative just in case these torrent proxies don’t work for you.

LimeTorrents is banned in the following countries:

Australia, the United Kingdom, France, India, and the United States.

10. TorLock


TorLock is one of the few websites on this list of the best torrent websites for music, ebooks, anime shows, movies and more, which is why users love it. It combines a massive list of torrents along with an incredible user experience. TorLock never disappoints when it comes to ultra-fast torrent downloading for unlimited content.

The downside is that all the new content uploaded on TorLock comes with numerous copyright laws, so make sure you think twice before accessing them. FastestVPN nor most countries around the world do not support the violation of copyright content. However, we urge you to use FastestVPN with TorLock for security protection.

TorLock proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://torlock.unblockit.cam/
  • https://torlock.unblocked.mx/

TorLock is banned in the following countries:

India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal and other countries.

11. Zooqle


If you’re looking for the best torrent website for multiple reasons, then Zooqle makes a great addition. In this P2P platform, you’ll find a variety of movies, TV shows, software, music, games and more. Zooqle, to make users’ experience better, includes links from other torrent sites like Katcr and Torrenthound.

To access Zooqle from anywhere in the world without running into online threats like malware attacks etc, FastestVPN can help with online protection. Other than this, if the service is blocked where you live, refer to any one of the Zooqle proxies below.

Zooqle proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://zooqle.unblockit.cam/
  • https://zooqle.com/
  • http://ww1.usunblock.pro/

Zooqle is banned in the following countries:

Depends on the country’s laws.

12. TorrentDownloads


With a huge database of over 16 million torrents, we have TorrentDownloads that offers its users numerous links for movie torrents, music, eBooks, TV shows, games and various other software.

The only downside according to me are the ads, for which you can keep off you for a while using FastestVPN. Since there have been complaints of TorrentDownloads not working too great within the UK, its UK residents can make use of FastestVPN for better access.

Other than that, you could always use any one of the working TorrentDownloads proxy/mirror sites mentioned below.

TorrentDownloads proxy/mirror sites:

  • https://torrentdownloads.me/
  • https://torrentdownloads.123unblock.best/
  • https://torrentdownloads.net/

13. 101 Torrent

101 Torrent

Whether you’re looking to torrent TV shows, music, movies, ebooks, games, and anime from the web, then 101 Torrent is the place to be. You can also use FastestVPN to secure your internet access and optimize download time. Additionally, just in case 101 Torrent is blocked where you stay, you can use the VPN to access it.

101 Torrent is banned in the following countries:

Denmark, United States, Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Greece.

14. MixtapeTorrent


Mixtape torrent is this purposefully-built torrenting website for your music cravings whether it be pop, rock, country, hip hop or rap. Furthermore, if you’re into DJ tracks and remixes, then MixtapeTorrent is the place to be. This unique aspect is what defines MixTape Torrent, making it one of the leading torrenting websites for music lovers globally.

MixtapeTorrent proxy/mirror sites:

  • http://unblocked.lol/
  • http://unblocker.cc/
  • http://unblocked.gdn/
  • http://unblocker.win/

15. Music Torrent

Music Torrent

Music Torrent is by far the best torrent website for all your music. They owe their success in the industry due to their straightforward and visually beautiful website design. The reason why Music Torrent is famous is that the website hosts several features like an integrated navigation panel and annually brings in millions of customers worldwide. You can also use FastestVPN, which has P2P-optimized servers maximizing your torrent downloading speed.

How to Choose the Best Torrenting Sites

Torrent sites are dangerous and might contain malicious links that can destroy your device. Hence, it is important to choose a trusted torrent site to minimize the risks.

Moreover, you should always use FastestVPN to be completely protected from malicious links while torrenting.

Also, ensure that your selected torrent platform has some of the following features:

  • Torrent verification — It is essential to choose trusted torrenting sites for your security. Always use a torrent site that doesn’t offer many ads and verifies torrent files.
  • Huge Library — Make sure to choose a site with a huge content library. It will help you easily find your desired content.
  • Longrunning Sites — Try selecting a long-running, well-established website that has been operating for more than 5 years. If a site is running for a longer period, it means that it is reliable and working.
  • Check Comments — Choose a Torrenting site where past comments are available. These comments from past users will help you understand what types of files are available to download.
  • Good seeder/leecher ratio — A good seeder and leecher ratio of torrent websites shows the authenticity of a website and offers faster downloads.
  • Ad-free — Torrenting sites are often bombarded with inevitable ads. Therefore, select an ad-free torrent site, or use a VPN with an ad-blocker.
  • Availability in your region — Many countries block torrent sites, so make sure to select a site that is available in your country.

How to Spot Fake Torrent Websites?

To increase your safety and spot fake torrent sites, make sure to follow these instructions:

  • Always use a Torrent VPN
  • Check every torrent to verify malicious actors. You can do it by reviewing comments, user history, and seeder and leecher ratio
  • Use private search engines like DuckDuckGo as it keeps your searches private
  • Inspect files for malware and avoid password protected files as they can be dangerous or filled with malware
  • Avoid weird URLs that seem misspelled. They might be copycat sites with malware.


What is the best torrenting client in 2023?

There are many torrenting clients that are currently reliable, however, if we had to choose just two of the best, it would have to be uTorrent and qBittorent. You can download content from the best torrenting websites mentioned on our list using these two torrent clients. They’re fast and easy to install, plus, they’re both free. You can always use FastestVPN to protect your data, privacy and secure your connection.

Is Torrenting Legal & Safe?

Yes, it comes highly recommended even though it’s not a necessity. It goes without saying that torrenting is not allowed or legal in most countries around the world. The reason being that torrenting websites often upload copyrighted material, which violates a lot of laws. FastestVPN too, does not condone the violation of these laws, but we urge users to protect their connection with it. Most torrenting services come with ads; some of which are malicious. A VPN can help prevent them.

What is the best torrent site for movies?

  • The Pirate Bay
  • YTS
  • LimeTorrents
  • EZTV

Can a VPN help prevent ISP throttling while using torrenting sites?

There’s no fun in downloading any movie, music, software or other files from torrenting websites if your speeds are slow and bandwidth limited. These issues are mostly a result of ISP throttling. Connecting to a VPN that comes with the best encryption standards, you can prevent this from happening.

What is the best torrent website for music?

  • The Pirate Bay
  • 1337x
  • LimeTorrents
  • TorrentDownloads

How do I open a torrent search engine?

Opening a torrent site is super easy, and you can open it the same as you open any other website using a browser.

How do I find torrent sites?

You don’t need to waste your time searching for the best torrenting sites. In this blog, we have already done the job for you by covering the best torrent websites of 2023.

How do I get a torrent link?

You can esaily get a torrent link from the best torrent websites. Follow our blog and select any torrenting website. From there, you will find the download link of your desired content.

How to download torrents?

You can safely download torrents using a VPN and torrent websites we have covered in this article.


After all of this, you now must have a clear idea of what the top 15 best torrent websites are. Regardless of what torrenting website you use, be sure to use a trusted VPN provider like FastestVPN. Using a VPN should allow you to download your torrents while your fundamental privacy rights are fulfilled effortlessly.

FastestVPN blocks unwanted and potentially harmful ads and pops up as well.

19 Best Torrent Sites (Updated List September 2023)

TV Channels

Torrent Legal Disclaimer: Neither TROYPOINT, IPVanish VPN, Surfshark, or any other affiliated party supports illegal torrenting in any manner whatsoever. Torrent technology should only be used to access files not protected by copyright.

best torrent sites

This article will provide you with a list of the Best Torrent Sites available today.

Torrent Sites are some of the most popular websites on the internet today with millions of daily users and visitors.

This list stays updated with all of the best torrenting options as well as important details for downloading these files.

We provide a step-by-step guide for downloading content safely and securely on your preferred torrent device.

Some of the Best Torrent Sites include The Pirate Bay, 1337X, YTS, LimeTorrents, EZTV, and many others found on this list.

If you are new to torrenting, using this list is a great way to start downloading all your favorite content.

The lists below provide users with public Torrent Websites that are simple to access for all of their download needs.

By using these torrent sites, you can download movies, TV shows, games, music, apps, e-books, and more to your favorite device.

Best Torrent Sites & How to Download – Bonus Video

The following video provides step-by-step instructions for downloading torrents FAST and most importantly anonymously!